Could Overthinking Be Hindering Your Career?

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Overthinking has the potential to make you stop in your tracks, unsure of which way to turn. It can be a real career killer as you prevaricate and replay situations over and over without moving forward. In our London recruitment agency, we often see how overthinking can cause damage to someone’s career, limit their potential, and stop them making the progress they want.

What is overthinking?

Overthinking is what happens when you replay events or ideas over and over to analyse them without necessarily making any progress. If you find yourself repeatedly thinking about things or situations you have no control over, then you could be overthinking. It can become a negative pattern and no solution is found.

Am I overthinking?

Your first step is to identify if this is, in fact, a problem for you. You can tell that you’re overthinking if:

1. You always replay embarrassments or mistakes in your head

This places limits on your potential. It can negatively impact your self-confidence and stop you from taking opportunities that may risk further embarrassment or room for mistakes. Fear of failure dominates and causes your career to freeze.

Remember that failures are not a reflection of who you are, but can be reframed into what you’ve learned. In many cases, others don’t remember your perceived failings in the same way, if at all.

2. You overly worry about what people think of you

It’s understandable that you want people to think well of you, but it shouldn’t govern everything you do.

Most people are actually too busy to truly notice what others are doing. It also means that many things are said without thought and aren’t anything to do with you personally, so you shouldn’t dwell on them.

3. You’re an extreme perfectionist

Perfectionism can be useful in the workplace, but if it stops you getting on with other things because you don’t trust your own instincts and abilities, then it is problematic.

4. You feel like you’re not good enough or have imposter syndrome

This lowers your self-esteem and confidence.

If you’ve been offered a job, promotion, or other opportunity, it’s because you are valued. Try to see the value in yourself.

How to manage overthinking

If you’ve recognised that you have a problem with overthinking, then there are steps you can take to overcome it.

  • Share your feelings with someone you trust and get a fresh opinion.
  • Consider whether your job or career is the right one or if you’ll be less of an overthinker in a different environment.
  • Pin down the cause(s). For example, is it being driven by a bullying boss?
  • Practise relaxation techniques and ensure a good work-life balance with clear boundaries.‍

If you think that your overthinking may be caused by the workplace, management, or specific colleagues, then it is often simple to overcome by moving on. Our leading London recruitment agency can help you discover what’s holding you back and help you move forward to develop your career. Get in touch today.


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