Timesheets & Getting Paid with London Recruitment Agency Love Success

Make sure you get paid on time... 

Timesheets should be completed and delivered to Love Success by no later than 10am on Monday to guarantee prompt payment. Clearly state the details of the hours you have worked that week minus your lunch break, and get your form signed by an authorised person at the client's site.

  • Please follow these steps to ensure fast and correct payment:
  1. Print off the timesheet we email to you weekly with the client details printed on it. Only use the timesheet provided to you.
  2. Make sure your timesheet has the correct week-ending date and complete your hours clearly
  3. Get your timesheet signed by your line manager
  4. Scan and send the completed timesheet to us. Make sure that your timesheet is legible.

If you cannot locate the timesheet we have emailed to you, you can download a timesheet here>>

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