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Are you a business or individual looking to hire PA staff or EA staff within London or other areas? We would love to help you.

Love Success boasts decades of experience as a recruitment agency with its team of specialist EA & PA recruitment consultants on hand to assist in hiring for all sectors, including Office Support, Customer Services, Human Resources, Finance and Retail. We help companies across all sectors find the best Office Support staff, including PAs and EAs, who bring value to your organisation or individual household.

From corporate PAs and private EAs to virtual PAs, family PAs and office assistants or team assistants, we can arrange for any kind of personal assistant/executive assistant, even on short notice – whether you require them for a day to a few weeks or from a few months to a long-term basis.

Not sure if you need to hire a PA or EA?

What a PA or EA does can vary – depending on the company or individual they work for, for instance, and their own skill set as well as experience.

A business PA, for example, will fulfil a variety of roles, depending on how senior or how experienced they are. So, this might include everything from answering calls and managing diaries as well as inboxes to organising meetings, taking minutes, creating contracts, and other documents.

Depending on the role the Personal Assistant is hired for, he/she can also run personal errands, process expenses, arrange social events or even host them to some degree – such as a family or personal PA. Ultimately, a PA/EA can prove to be incredibly beneficial for both corporate teams as well as private individuals and families.

Hybrid PAs, for example, can support leaders not just in their business affairs but also in their personal ones, faithfully looking after and managing nearly every aspect of their business and personal/family life – and also having the flexibility to work from home sometimes.  

Alongside providing the desired level of support, Personal Assistants are also the first point of contact if you want to connect with someone important or reduce your daily workload pressure. As such, it’s incredibly important to work with a professional recruitment agency that can quickly understand your day-to-day needs and hire the perfect PA for you.

It’s fair to say that the traditional PA role has greatly evolved in the last few decades, especially as the remote working trend continues, where both individuals, as well as businesses, are finding it increasingly difficult to manage everything on their own.

Today, the average PA or EA can do a lot more than just type out letters and coordinate meetings. They are highly qualified individuals who can oversee everything from project management to being a leader’s or high-net-worth individual’s ‘right-hand person’. Some PAs will have enviable degrees and experience working in high-stress environments, making them highly efficient at what they do.

All in all, hiring a PA or EA can save you time, help you become more productive, stay on top of your day-to-day affairs – and, at the end of the day, have more time to dedicate towards your family or business.

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No matter what the requirement, an entry-level PA or an experienced EA who has worked with everyone from leaders and private individuals to global corporates – Love Success can find the perfect PA/EA tailored to your exact criteria.

For decades, we have been market leaders in Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant recruitment, winning multiple rewards and hailed by our clients as the “best London recruitment agency”, we can easily meet a variety of our clients EA and PA needs, be it on a temporary or permanent basis.  Call us on 020 7870 7177 or click on the red button below, we'd love to help you hire your next experienced Personal Assistant.