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Hire Office Support Staff, Hire PA Staff, & Temporary Staff

Our team works with clients and candidates across multiple sectors, to help them hire temporary staff for many sectors and levels of work. If you want to hire temporary administrative staff in London, Love Success is well regarded as the “best London temp recruitment agency” and is highly revered to assist with your temporary staff hiring needs. We can also work with you on large-scale recruitment projects.

You may be looking to hire temporary staff for a day, a temp-to-perm staff solution or holiday cover – no matter what your needs, our dedicated temporary staff recruitment team will see to it that you get the best staff to support your business, private, or household requirements.

We’ve helped many businesses and individuals find temporary staff, often on the same day and within a few hours of booking. Just forward us your requirements, and we’ll provide you with a shortlist of our most suitable temporary staff. If you are looking for extra Office Support staff to meet current and ongoing needs or you need to hire Personal Assistant on short notice just for the weekend or a few days, our team will work quickly to understand and meet your requirements.

Our leading London recruitment consultants will work with you to ensure that you are entirely happy with your new temporary staff and that the entire experience from shortlisting and hiring is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Why choose us as your Recruitment Agency in London to hire Temporary Staff?

With multiple awards to our name, there are more than a handful of reasons companies and private individuals choose Love Success to hire temporary staff:

  • We thoroughly screen each candidate’s profile to make sure that the claims they’ve made on their profile are 100% true and accurate.
  • Putting each candidate through an extensive face-to-face interview, our team asks specific questions, putting candidates in mock scenarios to understand the full extent of their capabilities. This, along with other screening and vetting processes, helps us determine their suitability for a specific role, and whether they have the skills to live up to your requirements.
  • All the references on each candidate’s profile are checked, along with the skills, experience, qualifications, and work experience they have listed.
  • Our team can quickly provide ‘temps’, either for a day, several weeks, months or even for a few hours. For instance, if you want to hire Office Support staff for a day, we can arrange that at a moment’s notice – or you may want to find temp Customer Services staff for an ongoing campaign, we can help you find the perfect team, in that case.
  • We match up each candidate with an organisation or individual on a fully bespoke basis. There’s no “hit or miss” with us – we either find the perfect candidate profile to fulfil your needs or continue our search until we find the perfect one. Each profile is uniquely tailored to meet your exact needs, whether you need current temp staff needs or future ones.
  • We also do temp-to-perm hires – if you’re happy with your temporary staff and want to transition them to a permanent role, our team can take care of it all for you, including assurance that your staff members fully understand their new responsibilities, roles, and expectations.
  • We conduct extensive background checking and vetting to ensure that any given candidate’s professional background, skill level, underlying character and values are tailored to the position in question.
  • Our team maintains contact with each candidate throughout the probationary period, ensuring that the overall onboarding process is as smooth as possible. This takes the worry off your hands and, as a result, you have more time to focus on your business or individual priorities.