What Happens When You Contact a London Recruitment Agency?

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Searching for a new job in London can be daunting. You likely know that your greatest chance of employment choice and success is using a leading London recruitment agency. However, how do you know which agency to choose from the vast number of recruitment agencies in London? What will happen when you get in touch? And what tips will help you secure your ideal job quickly?

Which London recruitment agency should I use?

Not all recruitment agencies in London are created equally. In reality, some do very little to help you secure your next job. Some will be experts, but in the wrong niche. You need to find a London recruitment agency that will work for you. This means you need to consider two things: their areas of expertise and their success working with candidates just like you.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the recruitment agencies’ expertise. Some recruitment agencies, especially larger ones, will claim that they recruit for all industry areas. The problem here is that discerning a clear match in skills and expectations between employer and candidate requires insider knowledge. For this reason, we always recommend you choose a specialist recruitment agency. For example, we are a PA recruitment agency who specialise in filling PA and office support jobs in London.

This means we know this niche extremely well. We know what employers need and are looking for, hence they keep coming back to us time and again. This ensures that we have a great choice of opportunities for candidates.

Second, try to find out other people’s experience of London recruitment agencies by speaking to people and looking at online reviews. You can read our interview about one Love Success candidate’s experience.

What happens when you contact a recruitment agency?

Even if your first contact is by telephone, you’ll likely be asked to submit your CV. This is an important first step, so it’s worth taking time to carefully craft your CV. Follow our CV writing tips here.

A good recruitment agency will get in touch with you very quickly. They’ll seek to build on the information provided within your CV so they have a really clear picture of who you are and the roles you’re seeking.

Don’t be daunted by this. Instead, look at it as advance preparation for interviews! As a PA recruitment agency, we know the sorts of questions that employers are currently asking, and our aim is to help you navigate this successfully. You can also read our PA interview tips here.

The recruitment agency will then move on to matching your skills, experience, and desires with their current vacancies. This is another reason why it’s useful to choose a successful specialist recruitment agency. They will have the most suitable vacancy options for you, bringing you real choice.

If you’d like to find out more about what happens when you choose Love Success, give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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