Insider Insight: How Do You Get Office Work on the Day?

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Whether you love flexibility in your temp jobs or need to find work fast, our Wait4Work facility is ideal. This drop-in service at our leading London recruitment agency will help you secure temp work in London on the day, or even a permanent position in the long term. So how does it work?

Finding work in London on the day

It’s no big surprise that in a big city like London, there are numerous on-the-day employment options. This is particularly true within office support roles, where temp work is always in high demand across London. Sickness, holiday cover, new projects, and visiting clients or inspections are just some of the reasons why employers phone us with an emergency temporary assignment.

The problem is that candidates don’t know where to look for these roles or show that they’re available for them. That’s why we developed the Wait4Work system, which is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 11am. Today, you can get an inside insight from one of our ‘regulars’ about how they get office work in London on the day.

How long have you been using Wait4Work?

I’ve been using Love Success’ Wait4Work for just over 2 years. I use it when I’m available for work on the day but don’t have an assignment lined up. I’ve probably used it around a dozen times.

Do you always get work on the day?

More often than not, I’ve got work on the day within London using Wait4Work. I’ve turned up when I want work and been able to respond to calls for emergency cover. Plus, the Wait4Work lounge is right in the centre of London, close to Charing Cross and Covent Garden, so I can quickly get to wherever I’m needed.

What happens when you don’t get work on the day?

As I say, I’ve usually been offered something. But even when I’m waiting for an assignment to come through, or if none turn out to be available, I don’t consider it a waste of time because there’s access to the Love Success recruiters in the Wait4Work lounge. They work with you to find suitable office work and are on hand for advice. From Wait4Work, I’ve actually found other longer-term temp work in London. And you can use the computers to work on your CV. I’ve met some interesting people there while waiting too!

What tips would you give someone looking for office work on the day in London?

Get to Wait4Work early! It’s worth being there at 8am so you’re first in line when the phones start ringing. The nature of emergency cover is that the employer often only finds out they need someone first thing, so being onsite is essential to respond quickly. Also, come dressed professionally and be ready to take anything. Be flexible. And make use of the Love Success staff – they really know their stuff.

If you’d like to Wait4Work, our lounge is open every working day from 8am until 11am. You can simply turn up or book in by calling 020 7870 7177.


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