What are the pros and cons of temp to perm jobs?

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Increasingly employers use temping as a long-term recruitment method. They hire temps to test them out with a potential for making the position permanent if all goes well. Sometimes this is clear from the outset and sometimes it can appear like any other temping opportunity. Temp to perm positions, especially in office support roles, offer a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions about your career. So, here’s a look at the pros and cons of temp to perm jobs, particularly for those exploring temporary jobs in London.

The Pros

·       Foot in the door

Temp to perm jobs offer a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the door of companies that might be hard to get into otherwise. It's a chance to prove your worth and secure a permanent position.

·       Try before you buy

This setup allows both employer and employee to evaluate the fit before making a long-term commitment. For individuals temping in London, it's a chance to experience the company culture, team dynamics, and the role itself without the immediate pressure of permanency.

·       Flexibility

Temping in London provides flexibility, allowing you to take control of your career path and schedule. It's an ideal setup for those who value variety and the opportunity to explore different industries and roles.

·       Skill development

Temporary jobs in London can be a rich source of skill development even if it doesn’t become a permanent position. Each assignment is a chance to learn something new, adding valuable experience to your CV that can enhance your career prospects.

The Cons

·       Job security

The most significant downside of temp to perm positions is the lack of job security. The temporary nature of the role can create uncertainty, which might be challenging for those seeking stability. It’s worth bearing in mind that if the position does become permanent, your time temping counts towards the length of time with that employer. This is vital for your employment rights, many of which only kick in after 2 years’ service.

·       Benefits and perks

Temporary workers often miss out on the benefits and perks that come with permanent positions, such as health insurance, pension contributions, and paid leave. This disparity can be a drawback for some individuals considering temporary jobs in London. Choose a single recruitment agency and you can mitigate some of these drawbacks, such as ensuring holiday pay.

·       Potential for permanency not guaranteed

There's always a risk that the temporary position does not lead to a permanent offer. Factors beyond your control, such as budget constraints or changing business needs, can impact your transition to a permanent role.

·       Perception

Some may find that being in a temp to perm position affects how they’re perceived within the company. It might take longer to be seen as a fully integrated member of the team, which can influence work relationships and progression opportunities.

Temp to perm jobs offer a unique pathway for those navigating the job market, especially when it comes to temporary jobs in London.

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