Top industries for PAs and EAs in London

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London is a thriving centre for various industries offering ample opportunities for Personal Assistants (PAs) and Executive Assistants (EAs). With the right skills and a bit of know-how, PAs and EAs can find themselves in roles that represent high-level careers. Let’s dive into some of the top industries for PA jobs in London, as identified by our leading London PA recruitment agency.

Finance and banking

The finance sector, including banking, investment firms, and fintech start-ups, is a powerhouse of the London economy. London is known the world over for leading the way in this area. It’s an industry that demands precision, discretion, and often a bit of nerve.

PAs and EAs in this sector support executives by managing complex schedules, organising meetings, and handling sensitive information. The fast-paced environment makes PA jobs in London within the finance sector both challenging and rewarding. Increasingly these PA roles are tipping over into sales and project-based, as well as standard PA/EA roles.


London’s legal sector, with its long history and global reputation, offers PAs and EAs the chance to be at the heart of legal innovation and practice. Working in law firms or legal departments requires impeccable organisation skills and an understanding of legal terminology and processes. The role might involve liaising with clients, preparing documents for court cases, or managing the diary of a busy solicitor.

Creative industries

From world-renowned advertising agencies to cutting-edge design studios and prestigious theatre productions, creative industries in London are vibrant and diverse. PAs and EAs in this field often enjoy varied tasks, from organising events to managing communications and assisting with creative projects. It’s an ideal environment for those who thrive in dynamic, ever-changing settings and enjoy being close to the creative process.


The tech industry in London is booming, with start-ups and established tech giants alike calling the city home. PAs and EAs in this sector need to be tech-savvy, adaptable, and ready to keep up with the fast pace of innovation. The role might involve organising tech events, managing complex travel itineraries for global teams, or simply keeping the office running smoothly.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in London offer PAs and EAs roles that contribute to the wellbeing of communities and the advancement of medical science. These roles often require managing research projects, organising conferences, or supporting senior research or medical staff. It’s a sector where precision and attention to detail can genuinely make a difference. PAs to consultants in healthcare also work closely with patients to provide excellent care.

Property management

London’s real estate market, including both residential and commercial sectors, is dynamic and offers PAs and EAs the chance to be involved in everything from property management to high-stakes sales negotiations. The role requires a mix of administrative skills, customer service excellence, and adaptability.

How to get PA and EA jobs

Securing a PA or EA role in these thriving industries requires a blend of skill, dedication, and the right opportunity. That's where a specialised PA recruitment agency comes in, connecting talented individuals with the best PA jobs in London. At Love Success, we specialise in PA jobs in London.

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