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As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we see a wide range of candidates who want to become a PA or are looking for their first PA job in London. But what’s it really like to be a PA in the capital? We love to give our candidates an idea of what the job is really like, so today, we’ll let you in on what it’s like to work in PA jobs from one of our top London PAs.

Securing PA jobs in London

What would you recommend to someone looking for work as a PA in London?

Do your homework first. PA roles vary enormously. Choose a dedicated PA recruitment agency to point you in the right direction. And be prepared to do temp work in London to gain experience.

Is it easy to secure a position?

At the moment, it’s very easy! Brexit is having an interesting effect. I would say it’s particularly easy to find temp work in London at the moment because lots of businesses are waiting to see what’s going on.

Is temp work in London a sensible choice for PAs?

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t recommend it. Now I really would! Employers are using temps more carefully these days, not just to provide short-term cover. This means temping can be a great way to boost your CV quickly.

What are London PA salaries like?

Generally, they’re really good. Much higher than the national average. Obviously, you need to factor in the higher cost of accommodation in London! But I’ve found that London is the best place to secure the highest salaries but also gain seniority in my career, and that brings financial benefits.

The nature of the work

What do you enjoy about working as a PA in London?

I just love being in the capital. It’s where the most exciting business things tend to happen. As a PA, it’s also really handy because there’s so much variety in terms of venues and opportunities. A key part of my role is organising networking events and London is a fantastic stage for that. I also love living in the capital. It’s an exciting and inspiring place to live and work.

What is hard about working in London?

At the moment, there’s still a lot of fear circulating about Brexit, so businesses are finding it hard to be decisive. Also commuting can be tricky. I rely on the tube and in summer that’s hot and crowded!

What are your top tips for a London PA?

If you’re new to London, and even if you know it well, there are some great tools to make a PA’s life easier. Citymapper London is great if you or your exec travel around the city a lot. I also use the Time Out London website frequently to hunt down new venues or restaurants. My other top tip would be that there isn’t really 9-5 in London anymore. That doesn’t mean you’re chained to your desk, but you do need to be flexible to have a successful PA career. I find it’s all about give and take.

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