The Top Challenges in Office Support Jobs in London

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As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we see our candidates experience the same challenges across a range of roles, and we like to do whatever we can to prepare them (and indeed anyone seeking PA or office jobs) for those challenges. So today, we’ll let you in on the common problems faced in office support and temp jobs in London so you can prepare yourself.

  1. Remembering everything

    Every individual we spoke to said the same thing about office support jobs in London: remembering everything is nearly impossible. The pace of working life in London is intense. In office support roles, you can find yourself needing to keep track of a multitude of things. This can be particularly tricky for temp jobs in London as the role, and maybe even the city, is new to you. The answer is to get technology working for you, so find out which apps will help you remember things in your role here.

  2. Booking on time

    One problem when working in office support roles in bustling cities like London is booking venues. While you’re surrounded by fabulous venues, training courses, social outings, and lunch meeting spots—they book up fast. So you need to be ahead of the game and make bookings ASAP. Where possible, anticipate bookings that will need to be made well in advance.

  3. Traffic, traffic, traffic!

    There’s no avoiding it. If you live and work in London, then your life will be challenged by traffic. It poses a problem for office support workers who live outside Zone 2 and commute into the centre. It’s also a problem when you’re trying to organise events across the city. The good news is that public transport in London is outstanding. You can also tackle this by seeking flexible working hours, which are becoming more popular and accepted in the capital.

  4. Time for a change?

    Due to the fast pace of London work, it can be difficult to assess your future career options. London is thriving and we’re currently enjoying a candidates’ market. So all recruitment agencies in London will tell you that now is the time when candidates can secure the next step in their career.

    It’s also a great time to find temp work in London within the office support niche. Brexit uncertainty and changes to the way employers manage their strategy means that temp work in London is booming. If you don’t know the best time to change, then get in touch with a specialist London recruitment agency who can tell you the industry hiring trends.

  5. Short-staffed team

In a candidates’ market, staff vacancies can stay unfilled for a long time. This creates a challenge for the team members who have to carry the load. As a team of office support workers, regularly take time out to regroup and discuss the entire team’s workload to see where efficiencies can be created. If the workload is unmanageable, suggest to the management team that they could consider hiring temporary workers to help out.

Often, it isn’t the technical challenges of the job that make things difficult. Usually, it’s factors that are outside of your control. All roles come with challenges, and this isn’t unique to office support jobs in London. However, if you feel that the challenges are more than should be expected, it may be time to start approaching recruitment agencies in London. At Love Success, we’re ready to help you find the job for you.


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