Why aren’t you getting promoted and what can you do about it?

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Finding yourself in a career standstill, especially when you're eyeing the next rung on the career ladder, can be disheartening. If promotions seem like distant dreams, it's crucial to identify the hurdles and work out a strategy for your ascent.

Here, as a leading London recruitment agency specialising in office support jobs in London, we shed light on common reasons for stalled career progression and actionable advice to turn the tide.

1.    Lack of visibility

One primary reason you might be overlooked for promotions is a lack of visibility within your organisation. If your hard work goes unnoticed, it's challenging for decision-makers to consider you for advancement. Make your achievements known by regularly updating your superiors on your successes and volunteering for high-visibility projects. Establishing a rapport with other departments can also raise your profile, showcasing your collaborative and multifaceted skill set.

2.    You need to level-up your skills

Getting up the ladder demands continuous learning and adaptation. If your skill set has remained static, this might be why promotions elude you. Investing in skills that are in high demand, like digital proficiency or project management, can significantly boost your promotion prospects. Don’t just let your current management determine your development, but actively take charge of your own.

3.    Absence of initiative

Taking initiative is a key driver of career progression. If you're waiting for opportunities to come to you, you might find yourself waiting indefinitely. Proactively seek out new responsibilities and challenges that align with your career aspirations. This demonstrates your ambition and readiness for more significant roles. A proactive approach can also include discussing your career goals with a mentor or your manager who can offer guidance and advocate on your behalf.

4.    Misalignment with company goals

Sometimes, the reason behind a stalled career trajectory is a misalignment between your personal career goals and the strategic direction of your company. Understanding your organisation's goals and demonstrating how your work contributes to these objectives can make a compelling case for your promotion. Regular discussions with your superiors about your role and its impact on the company's success are vital.

5.    There’s no internal route

By far the biggest stumbling block to promotion is that there simply isn’t the opportunity within your current organisation. You might be doing your current role ‘too well,’ or you’re simply waiting for a role that never has a vacancy. The reality is that most people find the most significant ladder jumps in their career happen when they look outside their existing organisation. That’s where a London recruitment agency can help – we can help you identify the next rung of the ladder and the roles that are available.

We know it’s frustrating when you’re ready for promotion but it’s just not happening. We’re here as your London recruitment agency for office support roles to take your career to the next level. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.



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