A day in the life of an Accounts Assistant

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Keen to find out more about the life of a Love Success accounts assistant? We asked Abisan, one of our candidates, to share everything about his normal daily routine to give you the insight you are looking for.

Introducing Abisan

Working as an accounts assistant is a fast-paced and challenging role that requires me to be able to adapt and change to the needs of the service throughout the day. When I first got the job, I was pretty daunted about what to expect and whether I would be able to get everything done to high standards, but I now have a daily routine that helps me achieve success.

Getting to Work

My day starts at 9am and so I arrive in the office for 8.30am to give myself time to make a coffee, turn on my computer and write my list of jobs for the day. I will also take a look at my emails to make sure there have been no urgent messages left for me to pick up. I work right in the centre of London but find that the transport links are great, so I never struggle to get there on time.

Getting on with my daily work

The role of an accounts assistant is pretty varied, and I often find that I need to adapt and change my daily plans to fit in tasks that crop up during the day. Typically, I’m expected to answer calls, respond to emails, complete filling, update databases, prepare invoices and do data entry. There are often other opportunities such as learning about new software and new processes that help me to develop my skills too. Around half way through my day, I go out for my lunch break with another member of the team and chat about life outside of work – it’s a great stress reliever!

Being part of a team

One of the best bits about getting office support jobs in London is that you end up working as part of a large team of people who are warm, welcoming and fun to be around. I was really worried that my work-life balance would dip when I started looking for jobs in London but I’ve found that my social life and support system has improved as the team I am in has gotten to know me – it’s great! 

End of the day

Once my day comes to an end, I take some time to check that everything has been done and finished, ensure that all emails have been sent and aren’t stuck in drafts and then get everything ready for the next day so that I can have a calm start to tomorrow. Then I head home and relax, knowing that I have a job that I love.

Contact Love Success

If you are keen to find office support jobs in London like Abisan, take a look at our job listings and register your CV so that the Love Success team can help you find your next role – we look forward to connecting with you!


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