Tips from the pros for performance reviews

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A performance review is a chance for you to showcase your successes and uncover your development plans and goals. It’s also a chance for targeted feedback. We chatted to some of our HR professionals about how to make the most of your performance review.

We often find that it’s on the back of a performance review that candidates come to us. It’s at reviews that grievances can become apparent, or you realise you’re not valued. If that’s the case for you, register as a candidate and we’ll get your career back on track.


Virginia explained, “Our managers are looking for consistency when it comes to completing performance review documents. You need to reliably do a certain aspect of your role well on multiple occasions. This allows them to see your skills in particular areas and identify where needs more work.”


Ed told us, “Performance reviews shouldn’t really reveal surprises, on either side. You should broadly know what to expect at your review. If something is sprung on you at your review then it’s worth saying that it wasn’t expected and you need time to reflect. Similarly, don’t store up big issues to raise at your performance review. Communicate with your managers throughout the year.”


Jeffrey says, “Performance reviews can vary enormously, but it’s crucial to show how you add value to the role and the company. Before you go to the review, think about ways that you’ve added value over the last year, so that you can remind your manager of this. It’s always a good idea to keep a note of successes throughout the year, while they are fresh in your mind, so that you can use them at reviews.”


Michelle says, “Try not to be defensive at your performance review if something seems critical. You can ask more questions to fully understand. Try to honestly reflect on the things being raised and clarify expectations going forwards. You want to come out with a clear plan for how you will reach expectations going forwards. If you feel that something is unfair, then calmly provide evidence why.”


Mark told us, “Always go into a performance review clear of your own career expectations. Explain how you plan to move forwards over the next year and the development you plan to undertake. This is a chance to see what opportunities exist within the business and whether you may need to take next steps elsewhere if promotional opportunities are not forthcoming.”

On the back of your performance review

Often, a performance review is an opportunity to discover how you are excelling and receive positive feedback. You may learn more about your next steps. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when you may discover that your career goals and aspirations are out of kilter with the employer.

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