The last interview: accounts from recent interviewees

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The problem with being a candidate going to interview is that most people don’t do it very often. As such, there’s not much room for error. You want to get it right, but you don’t have much experience. To help you at your next interview, at our London recruitment agency, we spoke to some of our recent candidates about their most recent interview experience. We find out what worked (so that you can do that too) and uncover their mistakes (so that you can avoid them!).

Virtual interview dos and don’ts

“My most recent interview was online on video call,” says Ragan. “I was prepared and made sure I had the link and everything to hand. I thought about lighting and positioning. I thought I had it all sorted. The interviewer calls, I answer, and suddenly I realise that the last person to use my iPad was my seven year old daughter, who had changed the backdrop! It wasn’t the best first impression and left me flustered. Fortunately I still got through to the next round!”

Excellent questions

Eloise told us, “My interviewer told me that the questions I asked were really interesting and showed that I had done some research about the company. I like to learn more about the business that I’m applying to. It helps me decide if I would like to work there. It also means I can ask questions that tend to be more revealing than generic ones.”

Finding your way

Louise made a rookie error, “I thought I knew the area of King’s Cross that was given to me for the interview. However, when I arrived, it wasn’t correct. I got quite stressed as I tried to work out where I should be. Fortunately, I had left enough time and the actual location wasn’t far but I did have a panicky moment! For my next interview I think I will practice the route!”

Scenarios and examples

Kelly explained, “My last interview required me to come up with lots of different scenarios and examples of different situations. I knew this would probably happen, but I didn’t realise the volume of examples I would need. It was really handy to have some scenarios prepared but the interviewer would ask for multiple examples. I had to really think on my feet. I’ve added more ideas to my preparation for next time.”

Take a pause

Ally reported, “I was very enthusiastic at my last interview and jumped in a few times before the interviewer had fully asked the question. I realised I was doing it and thought it probably made me look like I was interrupting. I think I also could have answered some questions better if I’d taken a little more time to think about my answer. I think it was nerves. My Love Success consultant told me that it’s ok to pause and think before answering, so I’m going to follow that advice next time!”

Do you need more interview help?

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