Is your only option to leave your career to look after your family?

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It was recently revealed that the number of people leaving the labour market to become stay-at-home parents has increased for the first time after three decades of steady decline. Not only is this a problem for employers who are facing record numbers of employment vacancies, it’s a problem for individuals (women in particular) looking for more from their career. Here our London recruitment agency looks at what’s happening on the ground and we also reveal how you can more effectively balance work and family to have the best of both worlds.

Priced out and shut out of work

Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labour party, has said that families are being “priced out and shut out of work”. Working age women make up 84% of the people who have given up work to care for their family. Rayner argues that this is predominantly due to poor access to flexible working, worthwhile parental leave and access to affordable childcare. Indeed, there’s been a 3% increase (totalling 43,000) in women stopping work. This means 27.6% of women are not working so that they can take care of their family compared to 7.4% of men.

Whilst there is obvious disparity, it’s worth noting that there’s actually been a 15% increase in the number of men leaving the workforce to care for their families.

For many families, having a stay-at-home parent is a willing choice. However, for many, it’s a Hobson’s choice. They don’t really want this, but they can’t afford, or logistically plan, to do anything else. However, without glossing over the intense cost of childcare or the planning problems posed by juggling work and family care, we’ve got some suggestions to make it easier for parents to continue their career, if they wish to.

·      Temporary jobs in London

Many parents use Love Success to balance family and career by using temporary jobs in London which are office-based, so continue to develop skills and experience. Temporary office jobs allow you to perhaps work in term-time, while children are in school, but take time off to cover holiday care. Temping is also good if you can arrange ad hoc care. Our on-the-day temp service can even help you take advantage of a single day. It may also help you match a partner’s shift pattern.

·      Flexible working

One of the benefits of using a recruitment agency is that they can help you identify the family-friendly and flexible employers that enable you to build your career while meeting your family commitments. Just because your existing employment doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that there are no further options. It’s also often easier to negotiate flexible terms when you are applying, compared to from within the organisation.

·      Worthwhile work from home

If you’re looking for that elusive work-from-home job and have strong administrative and office support skills, have you considered being a Virtual PA? Our Virtual PA service matches skilled administrators and PAs with clients. You can work from home, allowing you the flexibility to build your career over the intense child-rearing years. This ensures your skills to remain fresh and develop so that you can return to building your career later on.

At Love Success, we’re here to help you achieve what you want from your career. Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for on 020 7870 7177.


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