Is TikTok relevant to your job search?

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We won’t advocate that you give up on tried and tested recruitment methods and turn solely to TikTok – it won’t work for the vast majority of people. But at our London recruitment agency, we’ve been learning how TikTok can be one weapon in your arsenal when it comes to your job hunt. Yes, really! And that includes for our niche with office support jobs in London. So, why is TikTok able to help with getting the next job you love?

1.    It’s all about the algorithms

Ever noticed how everything that you do online seems connected? That’s because it is. So, once you start searching for new jobs, chances are that your TikTok algorithms will pick up on that too.

2.    You get to know employers better

Talking about the algorithms, once you’ve spotted some content of an employer you like, you’re more likely to see more of the same. This means you get to know more about the prospective employer. You might learn more about their service or products as well as their company culture, mission and vision. This can help you decide if they are the employer for you.

3.    TikTok Resumes

TikTok is gaining some traction as a professional networking site with TikTok Resumes. You can upload a video CV which you can point employers to. It links up to your LinkedIn profile too. This allows potential employers to see you from a different angle (quite literally) and allows you to showcase yourself in 3D well before an interview. It’s not essential to have a video resume like this, but it is another tool if you’re already an avid TikTok fan.

4.    Employers check out social media

Even if you don’t point a hiring manager towards your TikTok resume, you can guarantee that any savvy recruiter will check you out on social media anyway. It’s important to make sure your social media profiles reveal your professional self. Make sure they are clean and represent the professional person you are. TikTok champions authenticity, but make sure that this is your professionally authentic self.

5.    Job advice

TikTok algorithms can also come up trumps for pointing you in the right direction for useful job seeking advice. It can be bewildering looking for a new job and being a candidate and you’ll need lots of advice. It’s also useful for learning from others in jobs you are interested in. TikTok not your thing for this? Just head over to the Love Success blog to read the latest news, advice and information from other office support job candidates.

TikTok won’t be replacing standard recruitment channels any time soon, but if you already use it, it could be a useful addition in your job hunt repertoire. As always, the best way to find the best jobs is to choose a recruitment agency that specialises in your niche.

At Love Success, we place candidates in office support jobs in London. Register as a candidate today and check us out on social media too using the buttons at the top of the page.

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