Is it safe to change jobs in uncertain times?

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It’s impossible to avoid the sense of uncertainty that characterises the news today. As such, you may wonder if now isn’t a safe time to look for a new job. This will impact your career, so it’s important that you know more about it. Amongst recruitment agencies in London, we know that it’s been (and continues to be) an excellent time for candidates. With unemployment remaining low, despite the recession, if you’re ready to look for a new job then it is safe to do so, even though employers are exercising a little more caution.

However, consider if now is a good time for you to job hunt by considering these things:

1.    Do you want to move?

In most situations, we would say that if you are motivated to take the next step in your career then the time is always right to start your job hunt. Consider the reasons why you want to leave and weigh how these are driving your desire to make a move. This helps you determine what you are looking for in your next role which will help focus your search.

2.    What are your priorities?

Write a list of what you want to achieve from your next role. Employers lay out their key criteria and it’s time for you to do the same! Think about what’s essential for you versus what could be areas of negotiation. This helps to ensure that the job you accept meets your criteria, making it a safer move.

3.    Consider the employer

It’s always important to consider the individual employer and how secure they are, but it can feel even more important at times of uncertainty. Look at their publically available financial information and check out employer review sites, and gather an idea of how secure the role will be.

4.    Get support

It’s always hard work to do a job search. It’s important that you have the right people in your corner supporting you. Using recruitment agencies in London can help ensure access to the most reliable employers. Additionally, you will find that you are more accurately matched to jobs and prepared for the candidate process.

5.    Feel confident in a safe back up

Many people applying for office support jobs in London on a permanent basis aren’t aware that they always have a safety net for their career in the form of temporary jobs. During uncertain times, temporary jobs in London are typically used by employers. Additionally, temping is now considered an excellent way to build your career and experience. As such, even if your new job hop doesn’t work out, you’ve got a ready-made solution waiting in the wings.

6.    Give it time

Whether it’s a certain or an uncertain time, you should always take time and be patient with a job hunt. It cannot be rushed if you want to make the best move. The right opportunity will come up.

Let us support you in your job hunt in 2023. We get to know our candidates so that we can help them make secure job search decisions. Find out more, or contact us on 020 7870 7177.



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