Day in the life working as a PA to an UHNWI

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At Love Success, we are London's top recruitment agency specialising in PA jobs. Today, we offer you a glimpse into the life of a Personal Assistant (PA) who works directly with an ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI). This first-hand account sheds light on the intricate details and the demanding nature of such roles, providing invaluable insights for anyone considering PA jobs in London.

For obvious reasons, we’ve kept the identity of the PA and their employer hidden.

PA to an UHNWI

Being a PA to an UHNWI is both thrilling and demanding. My days are dynamic and often unpredictable, requiring a blend of tenacity, discretion, and impeccable organisational skills. Here’s a typical day for me in one of the most sought-after PA jobs in London.

Early starts

My day starts early, usually around 6:30 AM. After a quick check of my emails and messages to catch up on any overnight developments, I prepare a detailed schedule for the day. This involves coordinating meetings, managing travel arrangements, and ensuring that all personal and professional commitments are met seamlessly.

By 8:00 AM, I’m at my employer's residence, ready to brief them over breakfast. We review the day's agenda, discussing everything from stock market updates to social engagements. My role is to streamline their day so they can focus on their priorities without distraction.

Throughout the morning, I liaise with various service providers and professionals. From coordinating with estate managers across multiple properties to arranging secure transport for international travel, the complexity of these tasks demands acute attention to detail and expert negotiation skills, hallmarks of top-tier PA jobs in London.

Lunch is often a quick affair for me, usually eaten at my desk while I monitor incoming communications and manage any unexpected changes to the schedule. Flexibility is key in my role; despite the best-laid plans, the day can shift dramatically, requiring me to adapt swiftly and efficiently.

Powering up in the afternoon

The afternoon might involve accompanying my employer to meetings or events, managing confidential documents, or conducting research on potential investments. Every task provides an opportunity to learn and grow, which is what I love most about my job.

As the day winds down, I review the outcomes of all scheduled activities and begin preparing for the next day. This foresight is crucial in maintaining the smooth operation of my employer's multifaceted life.

Finally, around 7:00 PM, I hand over any urgent matters to the evening team and do one last check to ensure nothing has been missed. My day concludes with a sense of accomplishment, knowing I’ve enabled another day of seamless efficiency.

Working as a PA to an UHNWI isn't just a job; it's a lifestyle. The role demands dedication, but it is also immensely rewarding, providing unique experiences and opportunities that are unparalleled in other PA jobs in London. I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to travel to all sorts of interesting places through my work.

Are you interested in being a PA to a UHNWI?

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