Getting your CV past the AI bots

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in many different ways. One way that’s relevant to your job search is that it is used as part of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), designed to help manage hiring, but also help shortlist and select candidates. We know this can seem worrying to many candidates after putting in the effort to craft their CV. So if you want to ensure the computer doesn’t say “no”, how do you write your CV so that it gets past the AI bots? Our experienced London recruitment agency explains.

The job ahead

Employers use ATS to help them manage their recruitment which can be time-consuming and admin heavy. However, only around a quarter of CVs make it past the initial screening to actually be viewed by a human.

It’s worth remembering that humans set the screening criteria. But your task is to ensure that the right words and phrases are included so that you are screened in and not out.

Use keywords

Your number one weapon is keywords. Pick out keywords from job adverts and job descriptions relevant to the role and ensure these are used in your CV. Be authentic – don’t just dump the phrases in, but shape them to you and the role. Remember that a human will be viewing it next!

Make things simple

The technology is impressive, but it’s not failsafe. Use easily recognised job titles, even if you’ve been given an obscure title by your employer, use a more commonly applied one instead. Use simple and straightforward formatting, with no fancy fonts or anything that’s not in plain text.

Use data

It’s not always possible, but bots find data easier than words. Therefore, quantify achievements wherever possible. You can detail the size of a budget you managed or use a percentage for savings you made, for example. This is good practice anyway as it’s not as wishy-washy as many softer assertions and claims, so hiring managers are drawn to figures.

Ditch the jargon

Jargon won’t do you any favours, with bots or people. Be clear, concise and use plain English. Don’t use company specific jargon. Write acronyms in full, unless universally recognised.

It’s important to write your CV in such a way that it gets you shortlisted by Applicant Tracking Systems, but also so that when it reaches the desk of a human, they are impressed too. You can’t write your CV for one or the other, but must think about both. Use all of the other good CV advice included in our recruitment blog and you’ll find that you win over both the bots and the hiring manager to secure an interview.

If you’re unsure how to write your CV then we’re here to help. Our recruitment consultants care that your CV showcases you at your best. If you need more support with your applications, get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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