Temping at 18: Why temporary jobs in London are a great choice

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You’ve finally finished Y13, the exams are done, you’ve been to a festival or two, and now the reality is setting in. What are you going to do? With mates heading off to uni, if that’s not floating your boat, it can be easy to begin to feel lost as the summer inches ever closer to September. There’s no school or college to return to, just the gaping chasm of your future. But did you know that temporary jobs in London could be just the ticket to finding out more about what you actually want to do with your future, helping you to kick start your career, and help you earn some decent cash along the way?

Why is temping in London good for 18 year olds?

If you’ve just left full-time education, you may be unsure about next steps. Maybe you want to consider uni down the line, but want to experience the real world first. Perhaps you’re keen to get earning after the pandemic. Perhaps you’ve not even had a job yet, and you’re worried about how to get some experience. Your year group certainly had it tough. Maybe you want to travel, but want to work first.

If you’re unsure of your future direction, then temping in London can be ideal. Spending some time temping in a variety of different roles and industries can help you learn more about different careers in a way that no web-based career session can ever convey. This helps you consider things you’d never even heard of before, and discount things that you discover you don’t like.

The beauty of temping is that nothing is permanent (unless you and the employer want to make it so!). It gives you breathing space to determine what you want to do while doing something worthwhile, earning some cash and gaining some all-important experience.

Start to build your CV

Chances are, if you’ve read any CV writing advice, that you feel daunted. Not only do most advice pages tell you to focus on your career history and experience when writing a CV, they also tell you to stick to two pages of A4. When you’re struggling to even fill one page of A4, because you’re at the beginning of your career, it’s tough.

Temping is a brilliant way to build your CV. In each different placement, you gain new skills and new experiences. You hopefully gain new referees. You should also get lots and lots of interview practice to help you in the future. This will help you quickly move on to landing a permanent role – if that’s what you want.

Experience, experience, experience

Temping in London is excellent for building experience that helps in lots of ways. You’ll be working alongside very different people, which is a valuable skill for your future. You’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses in a real world setting, away from a classroom.

What types of temping can an 18 year old do?

There’s a wide variety of temp work in London. Of course, there’s hospitality and retail. However, if you want to accelerate your career and learn more about yourself in business environments, then temping in office support roles such as administration or customer service is ideal. These jobs have the added benefit of generally paying more per hour than retail or hospitality, as well as being ideal for gaining relevant career-based experience.

So, if you would like to find out more about working in temporary jobs in London then find out more about temping.


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