What Does a Facilities Coordinator Do?

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The facilities function of the workplace is responsible for the buildings and the logistical functioning. Facilities coordinators are therefore largely responsible for the maintenance and smooth running of the physical premises of the workplace. They are important for making sure buildings (and the furnishings within them) are safe, and that equipment is available and in good working order.

Here, we explain more about the role of a facilities coordinator, which is typically a mid-level role in the facilities department or function. It carries more responsibility than an assistant or administrator, but is usually under the leadership of a facilities manager, office manager, or other member of the leadership team.

What does a facilities coordinator do?

On a day-to-day basis, a facilities coordinator does everything necessary to make sure activities are carried out safely and efficiently within the building. This might mean meeting health and safety requirements or organising repairs. In addition, they need to source trades, track expenses, and organise and manage external suppliers and vendors.

The role is typically shaped by the building itself; for example, a warehouse or factory will require notably different tasks to an office or hospital. The nature of the building, as well as its size and the size of the workforce, determines a lot about the facilities coordinator role.

Typical responsibilities and duties include:

  • Fixing minor problems with appliances or securing broken appliances, as well as arranging for repairs as needed.
  • Managing servicing schedules for different appliances and equipment.
  • Ensuring all legal health and safety requirements concerning the building are met, including the individual health and safety of employees in their workspaces.
  • Paying particular attention to fire safety, as well as key hazards unique to the workplace.
  • Checking all devices within the organisation as needed, e.g. alarms or security cameras.
  • Arranging for systems, such as heating and air conditioning, to be looked after and operated appropriately.
  • Planning for renovations as needed.
  • Assisting with projects affecting changes to the building or extending the workplace.
  • Purchasing devices and equipment, such as desks and chairs, and using cost analyses to make the best choices.
  • Organising insurances as required.
  • Managing or coordinating other staff, for example cleaners.
  • Maintaining and managing stock of office and kitchen supplies, depending on the size of the facility.
  • Managing workplace waste disposal and recycling.
  • Managing the office grounds, including parking areas.

What skills do you need as a facilities coordinator?

The role of facilities coordinator is a popular office support job in London because it is varied, challenging, and interesting. In order to succeed, you will need strong administrative skills, to be exceptionally well organised, and to have good basic knowledge of office buildings and equipment. You likely need to be reasonably fit, as you are one of the most mobile among the office support staff, frequently attending issues at different locations on site. Also, you will need to be skilled at prioritising different demands and tasks. Importantly, you’ll need to be reliable under pressure and make sound decisions quickly in emergency situations.

Good solid health and safety knowledge is a must, and as such, employers frequently look for candidates with previous experience as well as a degree in Facility Management. They may look for particular H&S certificates, depending on the nature of the role. They will want you to be familiar with the relevant fire, safety, and security systems of the particular facility.

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