How to Keep Heating Costs Low When Working from Home

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Many people in office support jobs are facing remote working again this winter. However, unlike the first lockdown with its warm days and sunny skies, we’re now doing it in chilly January. What’s more, heating bills have hiked right up and many of us are facing 30% spikes in fuel costs in 2022. We’ve got some top tips from those in office support jobs about how to keep your heating costs as low as possible.

1. Only heat the room you’re in

If you’re used to setting your heating according to family living at the weekend, when everyone is around and using the whole house, you need to rethink things. During “office” hours, just heat the room you’re in, rather than the whole house. You can do this easily if you have smart radiators or thermostats, or alternatively you can use a plug-in oil-filled radiator, which you may find to be more efficient. Don’t block the radiator in that room with furniture—let the heat circulate.

2. Close doors and banish draughts

Particularly on a chilly and windy winter day, draughts can make you feel colder than necessary. Shut the door to the room you are in and plug any gaps causing draughts using nice thick curtains. Pop on thick socks and slippers as well, as draughts are often felt most at floor level.

3. Wrap up

You can’t complain about being cold when you’re sat there in a T-shirt! Use layers and wrap up warm for a day at your desk. Wrist warmers can be particularly effective without hindering your typing.

Many remote workers also recommended electric throws and blankets. They explained that they help to keep you warm without heating the whole house; an alternative for those particularly chilly days is a hot water bottle.

4. Let natural light in

Letting in natural light not only helps raise the temperature of the room, but also increases the sense of warmth, which can work wonders.

5. Move often

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to stay in one exact spot for hours on end. In the office, you would be moving around more, even if it’s just to go and chat to a colleague or to get something from a filing cabinet. These movement breaks help to raise your core temperature and keep you warm. Every half an hour, get up and move.

6. Get a hot drink

You’d have a cuppa to wrap your hands around in the office, so why do you keep forgetting at home? Regular hot drinks will keep you toasty warm. But an extra trick is to choose a warming lunch. Don’t just whip up a sarnie—heat up some soup, or even last night’s leftovers, and you’ll find that you stay warmer during that afternoon chill.

7. The bigger things

There are lots of things you can do to help keep the cold out and the heat in. It may be worth considering options such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. It’s also worth bleeding your radiators, especially the one in the room you work in.


Are you struggling with the costs of heating your home when you’re working remotely? If you’re still struggling after taking these steps, speak to your employer. Conscientious employers value their staff and know that you won’t be as productive if you’re cold! They may be able to offer additional support.


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