Successful Interviewing for Temporary Jobs in London

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Recently, we talked about why you should consider temporary jobs in London at the moment. If we’ve piqued your curiosity and you’re considering moving into temp work as a strategic career decision, then you may be wondering how you can secure these positions. As a London recruitment agency specialising in temp work in London within the office support and PA niche, we’ll help you secure these positions through successful interviewing.

Interview techniques for permanent and temporary jobs

When it comes to recruitment practices, there are some similarities between permanent and temporary jobs in London. Some of the interview questions you’ll be asked are the same. However, there are different strengths you need to showcase in temp jobs, and the process will move faster. You still need to sell yourself, but in a way that addresses the criteria the employer is looking for in a temporary role.

Focus on the here and now

Your first challenge is to know and understand the employer. While in an interview for a permanent position, you may focus on the long term and your loyalty, you now need to focus on the immediate and your flexibility. Your five-year plan, for example, matters to you, but not to them. You need to demonstrate and explain how you can add value now, not in the future.

Focus on tasks

When recruiting for permanent jobs, cultural fit is hugely important to employers. But in temporary roles, it takes a backseat. While it’s still important that you have a good relationship with your colleagues, particularly in PA roles, it’s more important that you have the ability to complete tasks. You also need to have the required skills already. With a temporary position, they are unlikely to spend time, money, and effort getting you up to speed. You need to hit the ground running.

Focus on skills

All this means that in the interview, you need to continually focus on the skills and experience you have that directly benefit the employer, now, today. When asked questions, always try to draw on authentic experiences from your working life today. Make sure you get across the projects you’ve worked on, the technology you can use, and how you’ve added value from the get-go.

Focus on problem-solving

It’s also important to focus on these skills within a framework of problem-solving. It’s a skilled endeavour to be a successful temp worker. You don’t have the luxury of time to prove your worth. You can’t rely on others who are more experienced to remove the obstacles. Instead, demonstrate that you are an expert and an efficient problem-solver.

Flexibility is key

Not only will the employer want to get your on board fast, they also need to know that you’re flexible. Many employers are actively choosing temp work in London as a staffing strategy. They want to know that you can start quickly, but also that if they like you, they can entice you to stay.

This is why it’s beneficial to use a dedicated London recruitment agency. They understand the employer and will help get you into position quickly. They are the conduit when the employer is pressed for time. They can also help you negotiate your rates before either side dedicates time to an interview.

The questions

Prepare for all the standard interview questions with a focus on skills and flexibility in your answers. Try to showcase your speed in becoming proficient and show how adaptable you are. Steer clear of giving long-range answers and don’t waste the interviewer’s time by trying to plug for a permanent job—respect that they know what they are looking for.

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