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As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we know that those doing PA jobs in London, especially temp work, often don’t have an easy bank of colleagues to ask for tips. If you’re considering temporary jobs in London or work as a PA, here are some of our top hints and tips for a London PA.

Network, then network some more

Your success as a PA or in any office support role will depend on how you can leverage relationships. You need to see networking as a fact of life when you work in the capital.

Be heard

As a PA or EA, you need to speak up when you’ve added value within your role. This is particularly true if you’re working temporary jobs in London. It’s not bragging, but it is necessary if you want to progress your career.

Be discreet

Conversely, you also need to know when to keep quiet. Part of networking and nurturing relationships with others is knowing when to preserve someone else’s privacy or not offer your own opinion.

Focus on projects

Much of your work will be individual tasks making up a long to-do list. However, whilst these PA tasks are important, you also need to focus on some longer-term projects to really add value. This may be things such as planning an event, introducing new systems, or other project-based work.

Use tech

A PA role can be complex and unwieldy. Don’t be afraid to use technology to make your working life easier and more streamlined. See our Top 5 Apps for Personal Assistants.

Seek mentoring

PAs and especially those doing temp work can find themselves isolated in their career development. Try to hunt down an experienced PA mentor who will share their knowledge with you about how to progress. In the absence of this, spend plenty of time reading our blog for advice from other PAs and industry news.

Be thick-skinned

The reality is that you won’t always be able to please everyone. Learn from criticism that matters but take other criticism lightly. Focus instead on your personal development and nurturing relationships.

Always be positive

One of the simplest ways to make the working life of your executive go smoothly is to be calm and positive yourself. The last thing your executive needs is more chaos or stress. Be the calm in the storm, with a positive outlook.

Get to know your industry

Important for those working temporary jobs in London, but also essential for all PA roles, take some time to really get to know the industry you are working it. Your aim is to help your boss meet their organisational objectives. To do this, you need to understand the arena in which they operate.

Keep records

It’s no good to you (if you forget) or anyone else (if you’re absent) if you don’t keep accurate records of what you’ve done, when you’ve done it, and who is implicated. Make record-keeping a simple and automatic part of your working practice.

What would be your top tips for other London PAs? To find out our hints and tips for securing your next PA jobs in London, contact us – your London recruitment agency.


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