A Day in the Life of a PA: What Does a London PA Do?

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I’m often asked what a typical day in the life of a PA in London looks like. The truth is that there is no average day. But I’ll let you in on my experience from over 20 years working office support jobs in London and PA roles over the last decade. You’ll also see the skills and attributes needed to succeed in PA jobs.

Integrity and trust

In every role I’ve found through recruitment agencies in London, my integrity and trust has been perhaps my most important attribute. Whether working as a private PA or in one of the more generic PA jobs in London where you have several executives to look after, discretion and integrity need to be the bedrock of everything you do. In any one day, you may be dealing with a family situation, nurturing high-profile client relationships, or smoothing out the flaws in your executive’s endeavours. You need to be trusted.

Success is about the relationship

Whether you work in PA jobs in London or elsewhere, the key determiner of success is the relationships you build. This isn’t just about your relationship with your executive (though this is important). It’s also about the relationships you nurture with clients, colleagues, and suppliers. Everything about my job has always run more smoothly when I’ve taken care to oil the relationships I depend on.

Listening matters

No two PA jobs are the same. No two days are the same. To help your executive meet their operational goals, you need to understand what they need. You can’t do this if you rigidly follow set expectations and tasks. Instead, you need to listen carefully to your executive and decide how you can best meet their needs in the moment and in the long term.

Flexibility is inescapable

A skilled PA is adept at wearing multiple different hats. One day, you may be more like a travel agent and another day you’ll be a training executive. You may need to the tenacity of a private detective or stay motivated whilst you prepare 500 conference packs. You need to be flexible in the skills you possess, but also in how and when you utilise them.

Variety is an excellent motivator

One of the main reasons I love being a PA in London is because variety is the spice of life. No two days are the same and I love that. In London PA jobs, it’s really important to embrace this variety. It’s here that you can add value and find the motivation to love what you do.

The role is as unique as you are

In a way, the role of the PA is very simple: to make the life of the executive easier. But that downplays how unique each PA job is. It’s my ability to meet the unique needs of each role, employer, and executive that has helped me build such a successful career.

My top tip

My top tip for those considering office support jobs and PA jobs in London is to choose your position wisely. Consider whether you’re a good match for the executive—don’t simply be drawn to big names or dazzling salaries. If you're not sure which company or role is right for you, join Love Success, the best of the London recruitment agencies for PAs, and find a genuine ‘match’ not a ‘make-do’.


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