What’s great about working in London in summer?

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Summer in London is a time of vibrancy, energy, and loads to do and enjoy. For those working in the capital, the summer offers a plethora of perks.

Here we share with you just some of the things that our candidates have said they love about working in London in summer. Maybe this will whet your appetite and encourage you to consider London for your career?

·      Enjoying outdoor spaces

London comes alive in the summer, with its numerous parks and open spaces providing the perfect respite from office life. Olivia, an administrative assistant, shares, "I love spending my lunch breaks in Hyde Park. It's just a short walk from our office, and it's so refreshing to sit by the Serpentine, people-watching and enjoy the sunshine."

·      Summer events

The city hosts a plethora of events and festivals during the summer, making it an exciting place to work. Daniel, who works in a corporate support role, says, "There's always something happening, from foodie festivals to outdoor theatre. Last year, our team went to a rooftop cinema after work, and it was an amazing way to have fun outside the office."

·      Flexible working hours

Summer often brings a shift in work dynamics, with many companies adopting more flexible hours. Neha, a PA in the finance sector, notes, "Our company offers summer hours, which means we can leave a bit earlier on Fridays. It’s fantastic because it gives me more time to enjoy the long evenings with friends."

·      Charming lunch spots

Finding a pleasant spot for lunch is easier in the summer. London’s numerous parks and hidden benches offer perfect retreats. Liam, who works in a marketing support role, mentions, "I often head to the benches around St. Paul's Church in Covent Garden. It’s a lovely area, and eating my lunch there feels like a mini getaway in the middle of the day."

·      Cultural richness

London’s cultural scene flourishes in the summer, providing plenty of after-work activities. Aisha, an events coordinator, says, "The city’s museums and galleries often have special summer exhibitions and late openings. I recently organised an event in the Tate Modern after work, and it was a wonderful way to showcase our business."

·      Commuting perks

Commuting can also be more pleasant in the summer. Rajesh, an office manager, explains, "Cycling to work is so much nicer when the weather is good. It’s a great way to stay fit and avoid the crowded tubes which are so hot in summer. Plus, cycling along the Thames in the morning is a beautiful start to the day."

·      Office perks to make you smile

The summer season often brings a boost in morale and productivity. Clara, a receptionist, notes, "There’s a noticeable change in the office atmosphere during the summer. People are generally happier and more motivated. We even have ice cream days when the weather is nice, and our lunchtime workplace Pilates class moves to the park!"

·      Alfresco post-work drinks

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy drinks in rooftop bars and at street side cafes. Marc, who recently started a temp role, shares, "I love trying out different rooftop bars and other places to eat and drink during the alfresco dining months. The Southbank is one of my favourite spots, especially during the summer with all the street performers and food markets."

London is a fabulous place to work year-round, but there’s something truly wonderful about London on a warm sunny day.

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