Top tips for managing financial stability when temping as a career game

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Temping can be a rewarding long-term career strategy. But worries about complicated and uncertain finances put people off. So, as experts in supporting career temps, we thought we’d share with you the truth about what you need to know.

Create a watertight budget

One of the most important steps to achieving financial stability while temping in London is to create a detailed budget. Start by listing all your regular expenses, including rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, and transportation. Compare these against your average income from temporary jobs in London. This helps you understand your financial situation and identify areas where you can cut back if necessary. Make sure to include a buffer for unexpected expenses, as temporary roles can sometimes bring unpredictable income patterns.

Build an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is crucial when working temporary jobs in London. Aim to save enough to cover three to six months of living expenses. This fund provides a safety net during periods between jobs, giving you peace of mind and financial security. Start small if necessary, setting aside a portion of each pay cheque, and gradually build your savings. An emergency fund can prevent you from falling into debt and help you manage any financial hiccups that come your way.

Work with just one agency

Working with a single, reputable recruitment agency can offer several financial advantages. By sticking with one agency, you can accrue benefits like holiday pay. Additionally, consistent work through one agency can make your income more predictable, helping you plan your finances better. Your agency will also smooth out the gaps, always having one eye on what your next assignment with be.

Smooth out uneven earning

One of the challenges of temping in London is dealing with uneven earnings. To manage this, set up a separate savings account where you can deposit a portion of your income during higher-earning months. This fund can then be used to cover expenses during leaner months.

Understand taxes

Income tax can be different when temping. Again, by working through one agency, this can help as you can usually be on a PAYE scheme. But it’s really essential to keep records of everything and save for tax if you are self-employed. Talk to your agency for help.

Mortgages and big financial steps

Temping can sometimes affect major financial decisions, such as mortgage applications. Lenders typically prefer a steady income, and irregular earnings can complicate the application process. However, by maintaining a good credit score, saving for a larger deposit, and providing proof of consistent employment through a reliable recruitment agency, you can improve your chances of securing a mortgage.


Make sure to explore and take full advantage of any benefits available to you. These perks can significantly enhance your financial stability. Particularly make sure you pay attention to pension opportunities.

Review and adjust

Financial stability requires regular review and adjustment of your financial plans. Periodically assess your budget, savings, and income to ensure you’re on track. Life circumstances and job situations can change, so staying flexible and responsive to your financial needs is essential.

Want a more stable temping life?

If you’re a temp and looking to create greater financial stability, we’re the agency of choice. We work with many career temps and help them achieve financial stability. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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