Snippets from temps in events

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Temporary roles in the event industry are dynamic and demanding, providing a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes action that makes every event memorable. We've gathered snippets from our temps who have worked in various roles, from event planning to on-site management, to give you a taste of what it's like to work in this vibrant sector.

Be ready for anything

Lucas, who recently worked at a major fashion event, shares his fun experience, "One minute you're at the front desk, the next you're backstage helping with last-minute outfit changes," he says, "Working in event jobs in London means being ready for anything. It's hectic but incredibly rewarding."

Care about the details

Alison, involved in conference planning, discusses the importance of detail, "Every element matters, from the lighting to the seating arrangements. I learned that the smallest details can have the biggest impact on an event's success," she notes, "It's about creating perfect moments and memories."

Pull together as a team

Raj, a temp in festival logistics, highlights the teamwork involved, "Setting up for a large music festival is about coordination and endurance. Everyone does their bit to bring the whole scene together," he explains, "In event jobs in London, the camaraderie among the crew is just incredible. It’s why I really love these temping assignments. I always meet people I want to hang out with."

Think on your feet

Lisa, who managed guest services at a high-profile gala, describes the fast-paced nature of her job, "You have to think on your feet. Last night, we had a VIP guest arrive unexpectedly, and we had to rearrange seating on the fly," she recalls, "That's what makes event jobs in London so exciting—you never know what challenge you'll face next."

Get the technical stuff right

Fiona, working on the technical side of events, shares her perspective, "The satisfaction of seeing everything come together when the lights and sound work in harmony is unmatched. It’s technically demanding but seeing the audience's reaction makes it all worthwhile. I’d be lying if I didn’t share that things can get a bit stressful when the tech isn’t behaving though!"

Remember the purpose of the event

Nadia, a temp who specialises in event marketing, relays her unique role at recent trade shows, "It's all about engagement and impact. Last week, I led a campaign that involved real-time social media updates and interactive displays," she explains, "The direct feedback from attendees was immensely gratifying. Working in event jobs in London requires not just creativity but also a keen sense for what excites people."

Both the pressure and the rewards are high

Sam, who works behind the scenes in catering logistics, shares his experience from a series of corporate dinners, "The pressure to deliver top-quality service at high-stakes events is intense," he says, "But the rush you get when everything goes smoothly, and you know the guests are satisfied, is what keeps me passionate about my work in event jobs in London. Every event teaches me something new about efficiency and excellence."

Looking for roles in events?

For those intrigued by the vibrant world of events and considering a temporary or permanent role, the experiences of our temps show that this can be a highly rewarding career path. We are here to help you find the right opportunity in event jobs in London, where no two days are the same! Register today.




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