Insights from candidates that have changed careers

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Changing careers is a formidable but often rewarding decision. We've spoken to several professionals who have made this leap, notably into office support jobs in London. Here we are sharing their challenges, successes, and the insights they've gained along the way.

From teaching to corporate

Maya, previously a teacher, decided to move into the corporate world. "I wanted a new challenge and to escape the difficult landscape of teaching, and to develop different skills," she explains, "Transitioning to an office support role allowed me to leverage my organisational and interpersonal skills in a completely new context." Maya's story highlights how transferable skills can open doors in unexpected industries, particularly in office support jobs in London.

From retail to HR

Tom, a former retail manager, reflects on his career shift to human resources. "I was initially worried about the change," he says, "but I found that my experience in managing a team was highly applicable. The transition was smoother than I anticipated, and now I thrive on the diversity of tasks in my new role."

From healthcare to EA

Nina, who switched from the healthcare sector to become an executive assistant (EA), discusses her motivation, "I sought a better work-life balance and a less stressful environment. The skills I honed in healthcare, like attention to detail and prioritisation, are equally essential in office support jobs in London."

From graphic design to admin

Rajiv, an ex-graphic designer, now works in data entry and administration. "The digital skills I developed in design have been incredibly beneficial," he notes, "The analytical side of my current job appeals to the problem-solver in me, and it's rewarding to see the impact of my work on business operations."

From journalism to customer service

Alice, once a journalist, now thrives in customer service. "The ability to communicate effectively and handle information sensitively was crucial in both fields," she states, "The transition was about finding a role that fit my core competencies and personal growth goals."

From photography to project management

Bella, previously a professional photographer, found her new niche in project management. "Managing shoots, meeting deadlines, and coordinating teams—these were all part of my daily life as a photographer," she describes, "These skills translated seamlessly into project management within an office setting. The transition not only rejuvenated my career but also broadened my professional landscape in office support jobs in London."

From hospitality to admin

Chris, who had a career in the hospitality industry as a chef, shifted to administrative work. "The pace in the kitchen was exhilarating, but I sought a role with less physical strain and more regular hours," he explains, "My ability to handle pressure and manage multiple tasks efficiently was a huge asset in my new administrative role. It's exciting to apply my fast-paced skills to solve different kinds of challenges in office support jobs in London."

Do you want to change careers?

Each of these tales underscores the importance of transferable skills, adaptability, and the willingness to learn—qualities that are essential for success in office support jobs in London.

We can help candidates navigate their career transitions smoothly, ensuring you find fulfilling office support jobs in London that suit their skills and aspirations. If you're ready to take the leap, we're here to support you. Get in touch and talk about your options on 020 7870 7177.




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