A day in the life of an EA in busy December!

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At Love Success, we understand that being an Executive Assistant is not just a job; it's a dynamic, ever-evolving role that demands skill, adaptability, and a touch of magic. As London's leading PA recruitment agency, we celebrate the professionals who keep the wheels turning, especially during the intensely busy month of December.

Today, we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the life of an EA, offering insights into the unique challenges and joys that December brings.

Jacqueline’s story

The day begins with a whirlwind of emails, appointments, and last-minute requests. December brings an extra layer of excitement as I dive into the festive chaos. The calendar is packed with year-end meetings, and my role as an EA kicks into high gear.

Calendar wizardry

December is the month of calendars resembling a game of Tetris. Balancing the CEO's strategic meetings, office gatherings, client Christmas lunches and personal commitments is an art. It all comes down to meticulous planning, often months in advance!

Festive touches

We’re quite an informal industry, so while it’s year end and busy, it’s also a time to have some fun in the office. I’m the organiser of most of that. It’s me behind the Christmas music playing in the breakout area, it’s me who’s ordered the Friday mince pies from our local bakery and it’s me that’s put the decorations up!

Part of my role is to coordinate the office's festive celebrations. From virtual Secret Santa to ensuring the main office Christmas party was planned to perfection (in August!). I become the festive maestro behind the scenes. Managing logistics, liaising with suppliers, and ensuring everyone feels the holiday spirit – it's a festive juggling act.

Anticipating the unexpected

December is synonymous with surprises. Last-minute meetings, urgent requests, or unexpected virtual mishaps – I am the trouble shooter, ready for anything. Being an EA means having a toolkit of solutions and a calm approach, especially in this hectic month.

Out for lunch

The admin team are enjoying a lunch out today for our mini-Christmas get-together. There are seven of us and we’re a tightknit bunch. This isn’t the main office Christmas celebration, but we wanted to do something as a team. We go to a tapas bar on the South Bank. I love working in central London, especially at Christmas!

After a slightly longer lunch than usual, it’s on to responding to emails, managing travel arrangements for the New Year, and preparing for upcoming meetings. I sit in on a long meeting taking minutes. Following the meeting, I update our project management system and also my to-do list!

Wrapping up the day

As the day winds down, I wrap up loose ends, ensuring the next day begins on a smooth note. It’s always best if I leave myself ready for the next morning, but I must catch my train! That’s why I also often update my to-do list on my phone during my commute! This weekend is the office Christmas party, and while it’s all planned, I keep thinking of a few things I want to check!

December as an EA is busy but fun! As your trusted PA recruitment agency, we’re here to help you find EA roles that are just what you’re looking for. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.



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