Why are non-linear career paths becoming more popular?

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Once upon a time, individuals had a career for life. In fact, many stayed with the same employer throughout their career. Now, things are completely different and the traditional, linear career path is a rarity. It’s much more common for individuals to move from employer to employer, but also from career to career. In fact, most people will now have 5-7 careers over their working life.

So, why is this and what a benefit does it bring?

Non-linear career paths are the new norm

The reason for non-linear career paths isn’t clear cut. However, younger generations have received less loyalty from employers and in turn, they are offering less loyalty back. It’s well-known that it’s often easier to take the next step in your career (in terms of progression and salary), by changing employers. As such, there’s likely to be a slight career shift in the process, even if not overtly choosing a different industry.

Additionally, people no longer feel locked in for life. As pension ages rise and transferrable skills are seen as highly important, it’s often possible to move away from something if you don’t enjoy it. Furthermore, this means people tend to be more flexible. Side hustles become primary ventures, or new career options open up due to changing technology or demand.

The benefits of a non-linear career path

What we do notice is that non-linear career paths bring many different benefits.

·       Versatility

With a non-linear path, perhaps across different types of office support jobs in London, professionals get to explore various roles and industries. This versatility allows individuals to diversify their skill sets, adapt to changing job markets, and remain relevant in a constantly evolving workplace landscape.

Adaptability is a key skill sought by employers, and a non-linear career path brings this. People become adaptable to shifting business landscapes, economic climates, and industry trends.

·       Personal fulfilment and growth

Gone are the days when a job was just a means to pay the bills. Today, people in office support jobs in London are looking for more than just a paycheque – they're seeking fulfilment and pursuing their passions, working for employers where their values align. Non-linear career paths offer the flexibility to switch to roles that align better with one's interests and values.

Additionally, non-linear career paths often lead to accelerated personal and professional growth. Employees can gain a broader perspective by experiencing a range of roles. This diversity in experiences equips them with a wide array of skills, enhancing their value in the job market. A great way to experience multiple careers in a short space of time is to use temporary jobs.

·       Maximising opportunities and horizons

Those who confidently embrace a non-linear career path can take advantage of opportunities as they arise much more easily. If you’ve got transferrable skills and experience from different career paths, then as new opportunities arise, you’re better positioned to take advantage.

This is even more evident with the way technology has changed work. Remote work and digital tools have shattered geographical barriers, allowing professionals to take on a range of roles regardless of their physical location.

With this comes greater exposure to different people, places and industries, giving a broader perspective.

·       Work-life balance

Non-linear career paths offer the flexibility to achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance. It’s why we often see candidates looking for a career change once they’ve started a family, or in their fifties. Non-linear career choices allow professionals to customise their careers to suit their personal lives better. This balance is crucial for overall well-being and job satisfaction.

If you’re considering a change of career but are concerned about stepping out of your existing career track, we hope that the above will give you the confidence to see that non-linear career paths are gaining momentum and bring many benefits.

We can help you step into a new career. Our London recruitment agency has helped many others do just that. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177 to discuss your options.



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