What are the most important transferable skills in office support?

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Whether you work in customer service or HR, or another of many office support jobs in London, you will develop many different transferable skills. These skills enable you to develop your career with confidence. Here we share the most important transferable skills for those in office support jobs in London and also give you tips on how to develop these skills for yourself.

1.    Communication

This is the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with co-workers, customers, and superiors. You can improve your communication skills by attending workshops or training sessions to improve public speaking skills and to learn effective communication techniques. However, you can also improve them by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and practicing with different colleagues.

2.    Organisation

Organisation skills focus on the ability to prioritise tasks, manage time, and maintain organised systems for paper and electronic files. Look around you at others in the office and try to buddy up with an exceptional organiser and learn their tips and tricks. Additionally, you can create a system for organising tasks and files, such as using a to-do list or adopting a specific filing method, and stick to it consistently. Make sure you adapt it as you learn.

3.    Microsoft Office

Most office support jobs in London use Microsoft Office requiring proficiency in Word, Excel and Outlook. There are multiple online courses you can take to improve MS Office skills. However, if you’re a Love Success candidate, you can also take advantage of our free software training and assessments for candidates.

4.    Time management

Time management encompasses the ability to manage one's own time and work efficiently to meet deadlines. Take care to plan out each day and prioritise tasks, setting aside dedicated blocks of time for each task to improve time management skills. Those in office support jobs often become some of the best at time management.

5.    Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is the ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously. Multi-tasking is a valuable skill in office support but can be tricky to develop. Additionally, there are times when it’s better to resist multi-tasking and instead develop the skill of prioritisation so that you can work through tasks successively, according to need.

6.    Customer service

Customer service is the ability to provide excellent customer service, including handling enquiries and complaints in a professional manner. Even those who aren’t directly in customer service roles should take a customer-focused approach to serving colleagues and those supported by their role. You can improve your customer service skills, alongside your interpersonal skills through courses and online reading.

Transferable skills help you to excel in your chosen office support role. They also enable you to change job when you want to and are important to showcase on your CV. Are you ready to use your transferable skills with a new opportunity? Register as a candidate.

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