What about your Continual Professional Development when you’re a temp worker?

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When you are completing temp work London, it can be easy to forget about the need for career development or you put it on hold until you find a permanent role that fits what you need. However, Continual Professional Development (CPD) is often one of the most important things that an employer will look for when appointing to a perm role.

Find out more about CPD for temporary jobs in London and learn how you can prioritise your growth for future career success.

Why is CPD important for temp work London?

When you are going from one temp post to another, it can feel like there is no way you can think about your long-term career goals, but this is absolutely not true. Each role you take comes with the chance to learn new skills and network with new people who can be instrumental in helping you reach the position you are looking for.

Temp work London is also a great way to tick off any missing components from your CV, helping you to prepare for the future while earning money now. By showing future employers that you have been undertaking roles that will help you be the best you can be, you will be more likely to achieve the job posting that you are dreaming of.

Simple tips to help you prioritise CPD

Do you find prioritising your CPD impossible? These three simple tips will help you succeed:

1.     Set goals – know what you want to achieve and find the CPD opportunities that will help you get there so that you are always working towards your next goal. 

2.     Network for success – take time to join professional networks online and in person so that you can learn more about what employers are looking for. This will help you to form a basis for your CPD and give you strong links with businesses that you want to work for.

3.     Be willing to listen – when you are working in a role that gives you the chance to develop your CPD, take the time to ask for feedback on your performance so that you know where your focus needs to be in the future. If the feedback isn't as positive as you'd like, don't dwell on it; instead, use it to propel you forward to improvement.

Get CPD support from your recruitment agency

At Love Success, we recognise the value of ongoing CPD opportunities for all our candidates and are committed to helping you develop the skills you need for your work. When you first register with us, we will complete a CV review with you to identify the gaps in your experience and can provide advice on the CPD opportunities that could help you grow. Remember, even though you may be looking for temporary jobs in London, taking time to put your own development needs at the top of your list will make you better at your work and more attractive to potential employers. We even often free training for those registered with us.

Get in touch with the Love Success team to find out more!


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