Tips for finding temporary jobs in London

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With so many temporary jobs in London being advertised every day, it can be hard working out which opportunities will help you progress and which ones should be avoided. At Love Success, we provide the best temp work London has to offer and support our candidates to reach their career goals with expert advice and guidance.

Check out our top tips for finding temporary jobs in London now.

Update your CV regularly

When you are keen to find office support roles, the first thing you should do is evaluate your current CV and decide if it shows off the skills you will need for the job you are going for. If not, it’s time to update it! Remember, if you often work in temporary jobs, your CV will constantly have new things to add. Take the time to think about the skills you have to offer and make sure they are appropriately highlighted as they will then help employers to shortlist you.

“When I first put the feelers out for temp work, London employers kept rejecting me. It wasn’t until I redrafted my CV and tailored it for office work that I got interviews. Now I’m working in a role that started off as temporary and was made permanent,” says Andrew, Office Administrator.

Practice the art of networking

London is a big city, with plenty of competition for each role that is advertised. Rather than being another faceless applicant, take some time to grow your network with other office professionals and watch how quickly you find that temp position you’ve been looking for.

“Attend in-person networking events and reach out to people on LinkedIn to start growing a professional circle, that way you’ll be on the inside when jobs are posted,” suggests Martine, Corporate PA.

Be clear on the roles you are looking for

It’s true that there are lots of potential opportunities out there, but it can become overwhelming when you start looking for new jobs. Rather than trying to apply for everything that somewhat fits your skills, take some time to decide exactly which roles you want and then apply for them only as this will allow you to perfect your applications rather than rushing to submit as many as possible.

“When I first started applying I couldn’t keep up with the number of jobs that were being posted, so I decided to just go for corporate receptionist roles and found the application process so much easier,” reports Cheryl, Receptionist.

Register with Love Success

“When I registered with Love Success I was amazed at the time and support they gave me to find the right roles. I registered online and then spoke to one of the consultants who helped me hone my CV and found me lots of temp work in London. No question was ever too much trouble and they offered practical and honest advice that helped me to grow,” says’ Abi, Temp Receptionist.

If you are like Abi and want to find office temporary jobs in London then we’d love to provide you with the same support and guidance – we’re certain that your next opportunity is right around the corner!


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