Tips and tricks from Personal Assistants in the know

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The job of a PA is incredibly exciting, being able to support executives to succeed and knowing that no two days will be the same. However, along with the excitement comes lots of pressure, especially when you aren’t working in the savviest way. As a leading PA recruitment agency in London, we understand the need to provide you with the best advice so that you can succeed in your PA role.

Take a look at some of the tips and tricks that some of our candidates have shared to help you get the most from your new role.

Be approachable and prompt with responses

“One of the biggest parts of the job is communication, and being able to answer questions quickly and professionally will help you build a reputation as an excellent PA,” says Jen, a Corporate PA.

This advice is a great way to ensure that you answer questions in a timely fashion rather than ending up with a big pile of messages that you have to return. We’d also say that it is important to remember that you won’t know the answer to everything, especially when you are just starting out, so don’t be afraid to get help with any queries that leave you puzzled.

Think about what your boss needs before they ask

When you are looking for PA jobs in London you may find that some roles require you to work for one person, whereas others will be working for a team of executives. In both of these roles, it is important that you pre-empt what your boss will need before they ask for it, so that you can earn a reputation as a PA that takes care of everything.

Sara, PA to legal executives says, “By anticipating the needs of the execs I work with, I am able to understand their needs and preferences better so that they can focus on achieving the outcomes that the business needs.”

Understand the need for total confidence

Susie says, “The role of a PA requires you to know far more than you share and gossiping about anything to do with the business is a sure fire way to being let go!”

At Love Success, we understand that it can be exciting to land a PA role after searching for PA jobs in London for so long. However, it is never a good idea to get to know the people you work with by telling them confidential information that should not be shared. Want to have a chat on your lunch break? Talk about your life and your hobbies and always politely decline to get involved in office politics or gossip.

Find your next role with a leading PA recruitment agency

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