The art of being an effective Personal Assistant

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Personal Assistants are a vital component of any successful business, using their skills to support executives so that the company runs smoothly and professionally at all times. PAs manage an everyday operational role that includes many different tasks; from travel plans and meeting organisation to note taking and maintaining highly confidential information, you’ll need to be able to manage each job well.

If you are keen to find PA jobs in London, take a moment to find out how to master the art of the PA role below.

Maximising results with great time management skills

Time management is possibly the most important skill you will need as a personal assistant. From arriving on time each day to being able to meet deadlines, the ability to manage your time effectively is essential. Most PA jobs in London require candidates who can work under pressure, especially when it comes to handling last minute changes or problems with minimal fuss and stress.

Understanding the need for excellent communication

As a PA, you will be the point of contact for an executive or the executive team and will need to be able to communicate clearly and professionally at all times. The types of communication you will need to be able to provide include emails, phone calls and face to face contact with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Being able to put them at their ease and resolve their queries is one of the cornerstones of the PA role, as is being effective at communicating well with the executives that you support.

Learning how to prioritise and organise

As a leading PA recruitment agency, one of the key skills that we get asked for are candidates that are effective at organisation and able to prioritise tasks to get things done in good time. As a PA, your day will be hectic and there will be plenty of interruptions and requests to deal with. You will need to calmly deal with everything and have a good understanding of what requires an urgent response and what can wait. You will also need to have a clear organisation system to be able to access the information you need at speed, and to make it easy for other people to find things when you aren’t there.

Balancing your responsibilities while maintaining a strong work-life balance

We also find that PAs are often incredibly dedicated to their work, but sometimes this can be detrimental to their health. When you are looking for PA jobs in London, you will need to be the type of person that knows when extra hours are needed and when your life outside of work needs to take precedence. Being able to complete your work in the time you are rostered is the goal, so that you can head home at the end of each day being able to look forward to time with your loved ones.

Let Love Success support your development

If you are keen to find PA jobs in London and want support from a PA recruitment agency then Love Success is here to help. We work with a wide range of companies across London and further afield. We support our clients to find the best candidates for their job opportunities. If you are ready to apply then upload your CV to register, take a look at the job opportunities we currently have available and get in touch with our team – we can’t wait to help you find the perfect PA job for you!


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