A Day in the Life of a London PA

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Those in PA jobs in London know that the role is immensely varied. As a PA recruitment agency, we know that it’s interesting to learn about the experiences of different PAs. We asked one of our PAs to tell us about her day. This is Sarah’s experience.

7:45 am: Since we’ve gone back to the office, this is the time I get in. My executive is an early bird and it works for both of us if I join a similar routine.

8:00 am: I kick off the day with a quick check in with my boss and then fire up her emails. I then log into mine. Pretty soon the phone starts ringing. I dedicate some time to organising and prioritising my to-do list for the day. I remind my boss what’s coming her way today!

8:30 am: My executive goes to the weekly board breakfast meeting. She uses an audio transcribing app that I can see on my desktop. Not only does this help me have the minutes ready to go quickly, I can also pull out key things to do. It’s great as I can also keep an eye and if she needs anything in the meeting, I’m there!

9:30 am: I’ve got some firefighting to do with some emails. Then it’s on to sorting travel arrangements. I love that travel is back on the agenda but the extra admin with Covid requirements is a pain. I also submit all expenses for my executive’s last trip.

10:00 am: A little chat with my friend and colleague about shared travel to an event.

10:15 am: I finish up the meeting minutes and send these across to my boss for her approval. She’s now out of the office but she replies on her phone.

11:00 am: My executive needs some letters typed up in relation to some high profile clients. I get these ready for her signature on return. Usually we just use her e-signature, but we need the personal touch here. Some clients have arrived and my executive isn’t back, so I move them to our lounge and get them drinks.

12:00 pm: My boss is back and has sprung a last minute lunch request on me for these clients. Her favourite restaurant doesn’t take on the day bookings so I quickly make another reservation. I organise the cars to take them.

12:30 pm: I catch up with one of my colleagues and we head to a local bistro for some lunch.

1:30 pm: It must be a miracle, I got a full lunch break! It’s one of the pleasures of being back in London after all the homeworking! Inbox is mad again, so I sort that out.

2:30 pm: Tomorrow my executive has a presentation to give. I use the standard deck of slides but make some changes. I need some info from another team and that’s not forthcoming, so I chase that down.

3:30 pm: Following my executive’s client lunch, they have won some new important work. We will need some additional help, so I call Love Success about temps. They’ve got two for us to start tomorrow which is excellent.

4:30 pm: There’s a little bit of filing to do, but there’s never much, but I use the time to tidy my boss’s shelves which seem to have become a dumping ground.

5:00 pm: A quick look on my to-do list reveals everything is done. Double-check with my boss. Nothing is urgent, so I add everything to tomorrow.  

5:15 pm: I’m done and finished for the day.

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