What do you think about before accepting a job offer?

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The excitement you feel when being offered a job is fantastic, especially if it is one that you worked hard to get. However, before you dive in and accept the position, it may be worth taking some time to consider every factor that is at play so that you can be certain it is the right job for you.

We’ve shared some of the key things that some of our most successful candidates thought about before they took the leap and accepted their current job.

Salary was important 

Jenna, an Office Manager, told us that, “I had to take some time to really think about the salary that was on offer and whether I could afford to take the job before saying yes. I worked out what my finances would look like and considered what I’d need and then was able to confidently say yes when I was sure I could make it work.”

 At Love Success, London recruitment agency, we work had to negotiate the best pay conditions so that you can enjoy your new career step without worrying about making ends meet. 

Ethos and values had to be aligned

For Aayan, a charity administrator, ethos and values were non-negotiable and it was important that the company she was offered a job at aligned with her own values.

“Life in the city can feel a bit cutthroat at times, so I was keen to work for a company that put people over profits. I went to a number of recruitment agencies in London before I found Love Success, who supported me to find the role I am doing now,” Aayan told us.

It’s always good to have a clear idea of your values and expectations, so that we can work to align them with an employer that will value having you in their organisation. 

Opportunities for growth

“Being offered a role that came with CPD opportunities meant that I could grow my skills and experiences ready for my next step as well as supporting me to do the best job possible for my new employer,” said Mark, a IT support worker.

When Mark came to our London recruitment agency he told is that the most important thing to him was finding a role that gave him opportunities to grow and develop. We understood his ethos and were pleased to match him with an employer that needed Mark’s expertise but was also willing to develop him too.

Work-life balance

Choosing to work with London recruitment agencies gives you the scope you need to find a job that really works for you. Emma, a night receptionist, told us, “When I was offered my current job I took some time to consider the impact it would have on my work-life balance and only accepted once I was confident that I could make it work and still juggle childcare.”

As a leading London recruitment agency, we understand and support the need for a healthy approach to work and support all our candidates to find roles that work for their needs. Register your CV for a review with our team today and let us help you find a job that you’d be pleased to accept.


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