Career wins of 2023 – celebrating our candidates!

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We love celebrating success at Love Success. So here we are shouting the career wins of just some of our candidates this year.

Admin assistants

Administrative assistants have been the backbone of many organisations, and 2023 witnessed countless triumphs. Olivia, an administrative assistant in Shoreditch, shares her journey, "Being the go-to person in the office is rewarding. I've enhanced my organisational skills and taken on more responsibilities in this new role. It's fulfilling to see my career progressing."

PAs and EAs

Executive PAs and EAs have been in huge demand in 2023. Ethan, an executive PA, expresses, "I've been part of strategic decision-making processes this year, supporting senior leaders. It's been a year of growth, where I've honed my communication skills and made a tangible impact in my role."


As office-based life seemed a more permanent post-pandemic feature once more, receptionists have made significant strides in their careers this year. Mia, a receptionist at a private healthcare company, shares, "My new role is more than greeting guests; it's about creating a positive first impression. I've embraced new challenges, improved my multitasking skills, and become a valuable asset to the team."

HR teams

It’s been an interesting year for HR support roles, with shifting recruitment and training budgets, and organisational change. Oliver, an HR coordinator in the City, remarks, "2023 has been a year of connecting with people. I've streamlined recruitment processes, enhanced employee engagement initiatives, and contributed to creating a thriving work environment. I’m ready for my next challenge in 2024."

Marketing assistants

Marketing assistants have had to work hard with tight budgets in 2023. Amelia, a marketing assistant, states, "This year, I've been part of exciting campaigns, learned new digital marketing tools, and seen tangible results. That’s been great in the midst of the cost of living crisis. I’m so glad I changed roles this year as it means I’m earning more and loving what I do!"

Finance and accounting roles

Likewise, finance officers have faced unique challenges this year. Leo, a credit controller, shares, "This year has been pretty intense. More companies are proving tricky customers and there have been huge demands on my time. However, I’ve experienced immense success, bring in payments for the business."

IT support

IT support has been at the forefront of technological advancements in 2023. Sophia, an IT support specialist, expresses, "In 2023, I've delved into cutting-edge technologies, provided seamless support, and played a crucial role in enhancing the digital infrastructure. It's been a year of continuous learning and innovation. I’ve gained loads of experience to get a new role next year."

Customer service staff

Customer service representatives have been the face of businesses, delivering exceptional service in a tough economic climate. Jack, a customer service representative, shares, "I've handled diverse queries, resolved issues, and received positive feedback. It's gratifying to know I've made a difference in the customer experience. I got promoted in September, so that’s a huge win for me!"

In 2023, our candidates in office support jobs in London have not just worked; they've thrived, grown, and achieved remarkable success. Love Success, as a dedicated recruitment agency, takes pride in being part of their journeys.

Do you want 2024 to be the year of career wins for you? Contact Love Success!


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