How to manage your work-life balance as a PA in London

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There’s no doubt that PA jobs in London come with a lot of pressure and expectations as well as long working hours and plenty of overtime. However, even with such a demanding role, it is vitally important that you ensure a healthy work-life balance so that you are able to perform well in all aspects of your life.

At Love Success, we are proud to be a forward thinking PA recruitment agency and have asked some of our candidates to share how they manage their work-life balance to give you some insight into the best way forward. 

Set boundaries from your first day

“When I first started my new PA job I quickly became entrenched in the role and often forgot to leave on time until the executive I worked for told me to go home and sleep! I now have healthy work boundaries in place that have made me much better at my job” says Dan, Corporate PA.

Many of us can empathise with this and will also have felt the pressure to work extra hours and stay on late, but setting reasonable and professional boundaries from the get-go is a great way to avoid it happening to you!

Don’t think about work once it is over

Fretting about things that need to be done when you are finished for the day will stop you from getting the rest you need to be effective when you are next in. Instead, work hard to leave everything at the office and actively engage with life outside of work so that you enjoy your time off to the fullest.

Amy, a finance PA, says, “Before I leave work I finish up any outstanding tasks for the day that can be done and then clear my desk, write my to-do list for the next morning and leave everything behind; it’s great because I feel organised and I always have a tidy desk to greet me the next day!”

Take your breaks, even when it’s busy

“I slipped into the bad habit of eating at my desk while I worked and this often left me stressed and irritated. Now I take my break away from the office and go for a walk outside as it helps me to reset and refresh” says Marie, Senior PA.

Many PA jobs in London require people who are able to work under pressure without cracking and taking time for a lunch break is a really beneficial way to do that. At Love Success, we actively encourage all our candidates to put self-care on their list of priorities as we know that can be the difference between succeeding in a role and failing.

Love Success – the PA recruitment agency for you

If you are looking for PA jobs in London, using a specialist PA recruitment agency is the best way to find the best roles. Love Success is a specialist recruiter and we are proud to partner with many of the city’s biggest companies, providing top-quality candidates for all their vacancies.

If we sound like the recruitment support you need, register your CV today! You can also get in touch with our team to discuss what you are looking for or browse our job listings to see what we have available. When you choose us, you can be certain that your wellbeing will be a priority!


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