How to work with a recruitment agency as a candidate

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Starting a job hunt can be intimidating. It's easy to be tempted to send your CV to numerous recruitment agencies in London and wait for results. But this approach is not the most effective, whether you're searching for permanent office support positions or temporary work.

To achieve the best outcome, it's crucial to understand how to effectively collaborate with your recruitment agency. Narrowing your focus to one agency is a smart move for several reasons. This approach allows you to establish a strong working relationship, which is particularly beneficial when seeking temp work in London. By working with a single agency, you can accrue paid time off and have a better chance of being recognised for future opportunities.

How to get the best out of your recruitment agency

Maximizing your job search success starts with building a strong relationship with your chosen recruitment agency. Make sure to allocate sufficient time to meet your dedicated consultant in person. This not only allows you to go through your CV together, but also provides you with the opportunity to learn from their expertise and expand your network.

Currently, the job market is favourable for candidates, but it's crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition. By taking the initiative to meet your consultant face-to-face, you'll have a distinct advantage. Your consultant will be your main point of contact and will work in partnership with you to match you with the best roles based on your skills, experience, and goals.

Selecting a specialised recruitment agency like Love Success can provide you with the advantage of their specialised knowledge in a specific field. For instance, we have extensive experience in placing candidates in office support jobs in London. Your consultant will also provide you with support throughout the recruitment process, including help with your CV and interview preparation.

Finally, maintain honesty and reliability in your relationship with your consultant, as this enables them to better serve you and find a position that truly aligns with your needs. Additionally, choose an agency that goes the extra mile for their candidates, such as offering access to a training suite to enhance your skills.

Permanent v temp work in London

It's important to verify that your chosen recruitment agency has resources dedicated to both permanent and temporary job opportunities in London. Ensure that they have separate facilities for each type of job search. For instance, Love Success provides a Wait4Work option specifically for temp work in London, which can be accessed at short notice. However, individuals seeking permanent roles can also utilise our on-site resources during their job hunt.


When working with multiple recruitment agencies, it becomes challenging to maintain clear communication with each of them. It's crucial to establish a strong relationship with your designated consultant. This way, they can get a comprehensive understanding of your job search requirements. Additionally, don't hesitate to provide feedback to your consultant after an interview, rather than solely relying on feedback from the employer.

Take the initiative and reach out to your consultant, a proactive approach will go a long way. At Love Success, we value our partnerships with our candidates and are eager to assist you in your job search. To learn more about how we can support you, give us a call on 020 7870 7177.

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