When asking questions of interviewer, don’t ask these questions!

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Along with other recruitment agencies in London, we often give the advice of making sure you’re prepared to ask your own questions in an interview. These questions, crafted wisely, can be an opportunity to strengthen your position as an applicant and show your enthusiasm and engagement.

It’s important to show that you are keen to succeed at interview. However, it’s also important that it’s a balance and that you don’t appear desperate. When you appear desperate hiring managers can, consciously or subconsciously, see this as a bad thing. So, if you’re wondering which questions you should ask at an interview, definitely don’t ask these!

1.    What’s the salary?

We know you want to know how much the job pays and we also know that it’s a critical factor in deciding whether to take the job. However, there are other ways to investigate this (not least using a recruitment agency).

But when it comes to an interview, certainly a first one, asking about the salary is an elephant in the room. You may have some luck if they bring up the discussion, but even this is fraught with complexities.

Asking about the salary shows that you prioritise the money over other things. While that may be true to some degree, it’s not a good look when you want to show what an asset you’ll be to the company.

2.    What are the benefits?

Similarly, asking about benefits packages at the interview is firstly jumping the gun and secondly, revealing a ‘what can I get?’ attitude which can be harmful at this stage. The company wants to know that you are genuinely interested in the role at this specific company. While benefits will factor into your decision should you be offered a job, they shouldn’t come into an interview process.

Employers can feel concerned about interviewers who prioritise benefits and salary because it reveals your core motivations. This means that there’s a chance you will move on quickly for better pay or a better package, rather than intrinsic motivation from within the job itself.

3.    How quickly will I be promoted?

It’s definitely ok to ask about career progression within your area, but it needs to be without expectation. You shouldn’t imply that you want to very quickly move out of the job they are hiring you for. First, this again reveals lack of commitment to the specific job in hand. Secondly, it may pose a problem for them if there are no promotional opportunities in a short time, and the employer may fear that you would therefore look elsewhere.

Remember, the employer needs to see you prove your abilities and value to the company. They won’t want to be held to misguided expectations.

There are plenty of opportunities to get the answers to your questions. The best way is to use recruitment agencies in London when applying for jobs. At Love Success, we can help candidates get the answers to these questions, without appearing desperate in interview.

We know what it’s like to feel desperate in your job hunt. Let’s help you find a new job quickly. Register as a candidate.


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