A week in the life of temporary office support in London

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Office support jobs in London vary enormously. However, they do represent one of the best paying and easiest to secure temping jobs. They are always in demand, particularly at the moment while employers use them until they feel more secure in hiring decisions because of the recession. There’s always excellent choice with temporary office support jobs in London, in roles ranging from customer service to HR.

But what’s it really like? We spoke to one of our in-demand office support temps to find out what an average working week is really like.

What is an average week in office temping in London like?

I wouldn’t say there’s an average, as part of this work style is variety. I’m usually with one employer for a whole week, up to a few months. However, it’s not unusual to not find out where I’m going until the first day. It’s also not totally unheard of to work in a different place five days a week. I love the variety of this. I may be working in a financial services company in The City one day and then working in HR for a media company the next.

That must be quite challenging?

I think people often think this is challenging when they don’t view temporary work as a long term strategy. It’s like interviews – they are really daunting to most people because they don’t do them often. I’m always interviewing and always meeting new employers and getting settled in different workplaces. As such, it doesn’t feel challenging anymore. Even so, I do love the challenge of temporary jobs in London. I’m a student and I can work around my availability while also building an excellent CV that really rivals my peers.

How do you decide what role to take next?

There’s huge choice with temporary office support jobs in London. Even though people are worried about the recession, many employers are now choosing temps instead of permanent candidates. We’ve lost many European workers due to Brexit, so there’s often good choice. I work solely through Love Success and they help me decide which role will work best for me. It’s about finding a good match between the employer and my skills and experience, as well as my current availability.

What’s been your longest lasting temp role?

I spent six months covering a long term sickness leave. That was during my gap year to earn cash for travelling. Now I tend to do shorter assignments as I move between home and university. There are some benefits to longer positions as you really get to know the role, employer and colleagues, but for now I value short term assignments.

How do you approach your first day as a temp?

Accept that the first day will be intense and bewildering. I always come home tired. There’s lots to learn with new systems and new names. Take care to listen to what’s really wanted of the temp and create priorities. Day one is also the best day for asking as many questions as possible as people are expecting them! I try to buddy up with someone who will get me adding value quickly.

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