PA jobs in London: How do you handle a heavy workload?

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The reality is that those in PA jobs in London will have to handle a heavy workload. If your executive if busy and excelling then you will have a desk full of work. As such, it’s common that candidates for PA jobs are asked about how they manage a heavy workload at interview. It’s critical for the hiring manager to ascertain if you’re a skilled and calm plate spinner or whether you have a tendency to panic or succumb to stress.

The interview question

There are many different ways that an interviewer can angle this question. They may ask it straight out, although this is less likely. Alternatively, they may ask a question such as “Describe a time when you faced multiple demands and explain how you managed it?” They may pose a fictional scenario and ask you how you would approach it.

Your first step is to unveil that you are being asked about heavy workloads, time management and how you handle stress.

How to answer

The key to your answer, no matter how you were asked, is to answer it as a behavioural question.

An excellent strategy for answering all behavioural questions is the STAR technique. First, you outline the scenario or situation that you will use as an example. Next, you describe the task – what needed to be done and why. You go on to reveal the action that you took, before finally revealing the results achieved. We would also recommend sharing anything that you learned from the experience about how you would do things differently in the future.

This is an excellent strategy for answering many interview questions.

What is the employer looking for?

There are certain things that the employer is looking for when they ask PA candidates how they handle a heavy workload. They want to understand your approach to difficulties and stress. They will look for indications that you can prioritise and manage your time effectively. Furthermore, they want to see signs that you are flexible and adaptable when needs change. Likely, they hope to reveal a calm and professional demeanour, whatever the situation brings.

It’s not enough to simply say that you will stay until the job is done. Hiring managers want to know that you can be flexible to a degree, but more importantly, they want to know that you can make balanced decisions, avoid burnout, and still be productive. A heavy workload may be a reality of PA jobs in London so employers want efficient and responsible workers who won’t crumble under the stress.

Finding PA jobs in London

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