How many interviews are likely before getting a job?

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We know that the most daunting part of applying for office support jobs in London is often the interview process. Part of the fear comes from not knowing what’s typical of an application process for this type of job. It might be a while since you last applied for a new job, or it may be that you’re concerned that processes have changed with the times. While a job hunt can be a lengthy process, it’s useful to know what to expect. So, if you’re applying for office support jobs in London, should you expect one, two, three or more interviews? And what about whether they are conducted by phone, on video call or in person?

Expecting the unexpected

The reality is that there’s no set formula for office support job candidate processes. There is a degree of variation. Generally speaking, for more senior roles (supervisor/team leader and above), you should expect at least two interviews, whereas for more junior roles, there may just be one. However, screening interviews are becoming more common and these are now expected for most jobs.  A good rule of thumb is to expect between one and three interviews.

The screening interview

It’s increasingly usual for hiring managers to conduct a screening interview over the phone. This may be quite soon after they receive your application. Hiring managers use this short interview to quickly screen you in or out, depending on some core criteria. This is a welcome step as it prevents any wasted time on both sides. During this call, expect questions to centre on key competencies, as well as things that determine if you will fit the role and culture e.g. hours.

Follow our guidance on how to succeed at a phone interview.

Face-to-face interviews

For most office support jobs in London, we still see one face-to-face interview as the main part of the hiring process. At this interview, a more comprehensive approach is taken with detailed scenario based questions. You can expect there to be more than one interviewer. If there is a single interviewer, you are more likely to have another round of interviews to face.

If you are invited to a second or third face-to-face interview, consider this a good sign! Usually only a handful of applicants progress to any second or third interviews. At these interviews, more interviewers are usually present as they are trying to ascertain your fit with the organisation.

Prepare for face-to-face interviews thoroughly so that you feel confident and stand the best chance of success.

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Practice and support

If you’re looking for office support jobs in London then you’re in the right place. Love Success London recruitment agency specialises in all office support roles. Check out our job postings.

Importantly, our consultants can help you with the interview process, even helping you practice and prepare with mock interviews if necessary. Additionally, they can advise you on what to expect from a particular application process. They will be familiar with the types of job you are applying for, as well as the employer. As such, they can guide you through the process.

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