5 Tips on How to Smash a Phone Interview and Bag That Job

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When applying for jobs, especially in the current climate, you should be prepared to do a phone interview at short notice, particularly if it’s a temporary job where hiring is fast. Even in normal circumstances, employers are increasingly using phone interviews to screen applicants. In some cases, they’ve replaced face-to-face interviews altogether. Many recruitment agencies forget to tell candidates this and the results can be embarrassing, preventing a perfectly able candidate from getting the job. So how do you smash a phone interview, leaving the interviewer convinced that you’re the one for the job?

  1. Prep like you would for a face-to-face interview

    Whether this is a screening interview or the ‘real deal’, you need to prepare for a phone interview as if it’s the most important stage in the recruitment process. That’s because right now it is the most important — you need to pass it to get to the next stage, so it’s worth your time and effort. Prepare things like your answers to obvious questions, and do some research on the company. Consider what questions you’d like to ask the interviewer, and take time to read through the job description and person specification.

  2. Practice

    Phone interviews can feel strange and awkward, especially if you haven’t done one before. Ask a friend or family member if they could do a test-run with you to get an idea of what it might feel like. You can also speak to your Love Success recruitment consultant by calling 020 7870 7177 and practicing your telephone skills.

  3. The call itself

    Make sure you’re sat ready and waiting for the call in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Have your CV and notes in front of you along with some spare paper and a pen. Have a glass of water to hand too. Make sure it’s you who answers the phone and that others in the house know what’s going on. Answer the phone with your name in a bright, confident manner. Don’t rush yourself during the interview; it’s okay to take time to think and pause. This will help prevent too much umming and erring. Listen carefully, and let the interviewer complete each sentence before responding.  Whatever you do, don’t interrupt.

  4. Things to avoid

    Most importantly, don’t mumble. Act confidently, even if you don’t feel it. A lack of confidence is far more noticeable over the phone. You may find it helps to smile, as it will be reflected in your voice.

    • Don’t eat or blow your nose. Have a glass of water with you.
    • Don’t get distracted and keep notes.This will help you to stay on track and remember things after the interview.
    • Don’t be the one drawing the interview to a close. Let the interviewer lead the way. 
  5. Follow things up

When the interview is over, ask for the interviewer’s email address. Drop them a line to thank them for their time, and to reiterate your interest. This is also a good opportunity to include anything you forgot to mention at the time.

Having to deal with a phone interview can feel daunting. Not being able to read body language, or even leave your home, can make it seem very different from a more traditional interview.  But don’t fret, as these tips will help you ace it!


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