10 Steps to Prepare for Your Next Interview

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As an experienced London recruitment agency, at Love Success we know that preparing for an interview isn’t an easy process. It can feel overwhelming and the pressure is on to make a good impression. Through our years of supporting candidates, we believe there are 10 simple steps that every candidate applying for office support jobs should follow when preparing for an interview.

1. Use your admin skills in the lead up

It’s not just the interview itself that the hiring manager can use to determine your suitability for office support jobs. Communicate effectively with the hiring manager in advance, confirming things like interview times and locations. Write emails clearly, professionally, and in a timely manner.

2. Plan the practicalities and logistics

You will feel better and more in control if you’ve planned your route, feel confident in locating the destination, and have a clear schedule for the rest of the day in case the interview overruns. Fixing these things in advance is easier and makes the day go more smoothly. It also settles some of the nerves.

3. Choose your outfit

Choose your interview attire and ensure it is clean and prepared well in advance of the interview. Wear clothes that are comfortable but convey professionalism and boost your confidence. Those applying for office support jobs in London should always dress smartly, usually in a suit.

4. Know what the employer is looking for

You won’t be able to determine this exactly, but you can speak to your recruitment consultant and also use the job description to figure out what the hiring manager is looking for. This allows you to recognise where you can add value.

5. Visit the company website

Go online and learn some more about the company. This will help you convey that you are informed and your observations will show that you are enthusiastic about working for this company.

6. Be genuine

Be sincere, genuine, and honest in your answers rather than purely saying what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

7. Have a copy of your CV

It can be useful to have a spare copy or two of your CV to hand. Also have a pad of paper and a pen so that you can make notes if necessary. Being prepared like this shows your organisational skills.

8. Switch off your phone

It’s common courtesy and shows respect.

9. Get feedback on your body language

Before an interview, do a mock interview with a recruitment consultant and ask for feedback on your body language—that’s what conveys confidence.

10. Think of questions to ask

Before the interview, prepare five to six questions to ask your interviewer. Don’t anticipate asking them all, but this way you’ll be left with a few when they invariably answer some of the questions throughout the interview.


With these steps under your belt, you are brilliantly positioned for a fantastic interview. Remember that for office support jobs in London, your Love Success recruitment consultant is on hand to help you with interview preparation. Just ask!


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