Common job hunting mistakes to avoid

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As an experienced London recruitment agency, we are familiar with the common mistakes that many job hunters for office support jobs in London make. Here we reveal some of those mistakes so that you can succeed in your job hunt.

1.    Know your focus

Office support jobs in London are broad. From HR to finance to customer service, there are common elements, but the niches aren’t the same.

You need to be clear about your job focus. Ask yourself what you ideal job would be? Then you can focus your efforts to be the ideal candidate for that ideal job. This helps you drive your job hunt in an intentional direction.

2.    Failure to prepare

As the old cliché goes, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. You need to thoroughly prepare at different stages in a job hunt. Preparing your CV makes it more likely that you will be invited for interview, and preparing for interview makes it more likely that you’ll be offered the job. Preparation pays off.

3.    Candidate confidence

Confidence as a candidate sells – it’s highly attractive to potential employers. You need to have belief in yourself. Of course you will feel some job hunt nerves, but you still need to exude confidence. Not feeling it? Fake it and you’ll gradually start to feel it and believe it.

4.    Going it alone

Time and again candidates come to us after months of unsuccessful job hunting. Isolated and fed-up, they’ve made the mistake of thinking their job hunt is an independent process. The most successful job hunts happen when you get the right people in your corner. Choose a London recruitment agency that specialises in your type of roles and that has a good reputation. They will have access to the best roles and also become your advocate and support squad.

5.    Not seeing the bigger picture

All too often, we’ve had candidates excel at interview only to be turned down. Why? The hiring manager went off and did some social media sleuthing. Hiring managers care about the bigger picture of who candidates are. Clean up your social media before you start the job hunt!

6.    Lack of flexibility

Having a plan and a goal is great, but lack of flexibility in your job hunt can limit your options and actually close the door on opportunity. Know your boundaries, but also take an open-minded flexible approach to your job hunt. This way you might just uncover something you wouldn’t have considered that turns out to be just what you were looking for, or even a level above what you were expecting.

7.    Unrealistic expectations

One of the biggest mistakes we see in candidates is that they have unrealistic expectations of how long a job hunt takes. It’s very normal for a job hunt to take months rather than a fortnight. That’s ok, but if you’re expecting to walk into a new job quickly, you may be disappointed. Hiring processes for office support jobs in London take time. Be patient.

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