A New Year is a great time to review your career goals and at our London recruitment agency, we know that it’s a great time to look for new office support jobs in London

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As the New Year approaches, many of us take time to reflect on the year we have had and work out if we were happy with what we achieved. If you are discontent in your current role or want to find a fresh challenge for 2023, it's time to find a new job. We've shared some top tips to help you in your quest for change.

Think about your reasoning

Before you start applying for new jobs, take a moment to consider why you want to change direction. It could be that you feel undervalued, or there aren't opportunities to progress, or it could be that you want a brand new challenge. All reasons are valid, but it is wise to know what it is you are looking to get away from so that you can find something that works for your needs.

Work out what you have to offer

When you know why you want a new job, you need to consider what you can offer a potential employer. Think about your skills and experience, the hours you are willing to work, and the commitment you can offer. Employers want to know that the person they are hiring will be able to excel, so being aware of what you have to offer will help you demonstrate what you can bring to the role and snag the job you want.

Show how your experience is relevant

If you are looking to switch careers, don't fall into the trap of thinking that you must start from the bottom again. Take time to think about your experience and determine how it could be relevant to your new career choice. For example, someone that has been in IT would be able to offer comprehensive knowledge in an office admin role, helping to keep a firm up to date with the right technology. Someone that has worked in Customer Service would know how to deal with people in an HR admin role. Don't undersell yourself; instead, take the time to explore what you can offer.

Look for support in the right places

Job hunting can be lonely and stressful if you try to go it alone. However, there is plenty of support out there, as long as you are looking in the right places. Check out free courses aimed at skills development that will support your new career, and reach out to recruitment agencies that specialise in the career you want to pursue. By letting experts help you, you can be confident that you will find a role that works for your needs.

Share your CV with Love Success

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