A day in the life of a mid-level PA in London

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Are you interested in a PA career? Find out what’s involved by checking out a day in the life of Laurie – a mid-level PA in London.

What time do you head into the office?

I tend to arrive between 8am and 8.30am as I like to get there before the executive team arrive for the day. This gives me time to get everything set up and running for the day ahead and ensure that any meetings are prepared for so that they can start on time.

What are your priorities when you arrive?

The first thing I do when I arrive is check my emails in case one of the executives has sent over a request for the day ahead. Then I look at the diary for the day to work out where I need to be and what I need to do. Once my day is mapped out, I will start on the tasks that I have outstanding, ensuring that I get them all completed by the deadline.

How do you organise your time?

I love a to-do list! I split mine into three sections – long-term jobs that I can pick up when I have a spare moment, urgent jobs that have a short deadline and need to be completed quickly and unexpected jobs that cover anything that gets dropped on my desk during the day. Unexpected jobs can be varied and include things such as travel plans, liaison with other teams and more.

Do you work with one exec or more?

I work as part of a PA team that supports the executives. As a mid-level PA, my work tends to be for the senior executives and I am responsible for the full oversight of one of the executive’s needs. It’s great being part of a wider team as we all help each other out, but I also love being the direct contact for a specific executive as it allows me to develop my skills more robustly.

What time do you finish?

This varies from day to day, especially if there are late meetings or events that need to be prepared. I usually get home at around 6pm but if I’ve worked late, then I am allowed to leave earlier to make up the time. If I get home at 6pm I find that I still have lots of time to enjoy my evening – helping me to have a good work life balance.

Any final tips for being a great PA?

Flexibility is the key to success – you need to be able to adapt and change as the needs of your execs change. This can be as simple as moving a meeting to as complex as supporting a whole new project idea. If you are willing to accept that no two days will ever be the same, a career as a PA could be perfect for you!

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